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Taco Madness

Our Favorite Scenes From TACO MADNESS 2023 (Photo Essay)

Over 3,600 of you showed up hungry for tacos and a good time at our 14th annual live taco festival. The energy and excitement for hyperlocal journalism were palpable. You all sold us out and nearly every single one of our ten handpicked taquerías. Here are some of our favorite moments of the night.

Announcing TACO MADNESS 2023’s ‘Best in Show’ and Online Tournament Winners!

After 64 taquerías in our online tournament and ten taquerías at our live event, meet your champions. It was a hard-fought win for both taquerías.

May 9, 2023

Meet The Taquero From Mazatlán Bringing His Sinaloan-Style Carne Asada to TACO MADNESS This Saturday

L.A.'s best Sinaloan-style asada specialist out of the Long Beach and Bellflower area will bring his juicy, crispy, and umami-packed carne asada vampiros, cachetadas, and roasted chile toritos to our event tomorrow. Plus, a regional Sinaloa-style refreshing agua de cebada. (Like a horchata but made with toasted barley instead of rice).

L.A.’s Best Sonoran-Style Taquería to Serve Rare Mesquite-Grilled ‘Tacos de Aguja’ Straight From Mexico At Our Live Event This Saturday

The unique cut of beef is insanely delicious and bacon-like, with pearls of fat that get rendered over mesquite fire. It is impossible to find anywhere in the States. But for one night only, Sonoratown will be serving it at our live event, from a stash they brought from Mexico themselves.

Meet The Puerto Rican Dub Master Out to Roots-Rock TACO MADNESS This Saturday

The journey of L.A.-based Pachyman, born Pachy Garcia, starts in the Caribbean. Using the reggae en Español sound as a blueprint, he's created his own sound inspired by his punk and reggae upbringing.

May 4, 2023

Meet L.A.’s Alta California-Inspired Taquero Making Incredible Oyster Tacos and More At Our Live Event This Saturday

Oyster tacos with a yuzu aguachile slaw, a fried chicken taco with guajillo ranch, and a beef cheek taco with bone marrow salsa. Macheen will be bringing it this Saturday.

May 3, 2023

Meet L.A.’s ‘Taqueros Rockeros’ Competing at Our Live TACO MADNESS Event

Since selling their first taco in 2018, the couple has quickly become an indispensable taquería in the city's competitive taco scene, whether it's with their taco de chorizo verde featuring the hard-to-find Toluca, Mexico-based variation of the green, herb-based sausage (vegan available) or with their highly original and delicious octopus al pastor negro taco.

May 1, 2023