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Jill’s 26th Birthday ~ Mid-City

Scotch the Bouncer

Last Friday, lovely Jill celebrated her 26th birthday with friends, lovers, co-workers and general party-crashers. Having run through past pirate, music video, and superhero parties, a foray into musical theatre was naturally the next costumed coming-out to carouse and conquer.

Among the debauched and hard-drinkin' guests were a smoking-hot Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd, some boys from Grease, Jean Val Jean from Les Mis, Joseph with (and later without) his Technicolor Dreamcoat, a guy with his hand up an alcoholic teddy bear's ass from Avenue Q, Cabaret's devastating Sally Bowles with her own chair in tow, and the guest of honor and her pretty kitty pal from Cats, among a plethora of people "too cool" to dress up. Life is a stage, and as with everything else, it goes better with booze! Happy Birthday Jill!

Mr. Henson
Dev n Bent
Jean Val Jean N' Sweeney Todd
Can a N**** get a table dance?
Jake n' bent
BDay Grrrrl
Keen' Di
Liv Room
Red Robe
The Wall
Jill's Bday
Avenue Q
Keens n' Dude
Sha na na na na na na na
Sweeny Todd
The Keens
Tracey Turnblatt
Keen N' Bent

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