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New In the L.A. TACO Shop

We've restocked some of your favorite items and added some great new ones. If you can't become a member, buying our merchandise is also a great way to support our inclusive street-level journalism! All of our t-shirts are hand-printed in Los Angeles.

May 21, 2024

Open Thread: What Is L.A.-Style Food?

What is L.A. food to you? Which cuisines, restaurants, or chefs have defined our city's uniquely good eats? Tell us your thoughts.

Open Thread: Which Car Brand Has L.A.’s Worst Drivers? Let Us Know Your Thoughts And Win Our New Bota Mug

Is it that Tesla driver that just cut you off? An Altima with bald tires? That privileged 18-year-old new driver who barely knows how to maneuver his Land Rover Defender? Or that overwhelmed Van Lifer circling the same block 69 times trying to find parking? Comment on our post to win your free bota mug! Note: Comments on social media will not be entered in contest. Only members can comment on our website. Join now!

Where To Find Don Perico, The Mexican-Owned Brand Bringing Tropical Flavors To Dispensaries

The products, with their festive packaging, tropical flavors, and colorful parrot mascot, are relatable and better yet, they taste great, are fast-acting, and strong.

April 30, 2024

New Date for TACO MADNESS 2024 Event Confirmed: June 15th at La Plaza de Cultura y Artes

After getting rained out, our new date promises to be our biggest and most fun festival to date. Come out and eat all the tacos, drink all the micheladas, dance to the best DJs in L.A., and support our independent journalism! Of course, L.A. TACO members get in for free. Tickets on sale now.

April 29, 2024

An Update On Our Membership Drive: Some Bad News, and Good News

Some bad news, and some good news on our pledge to survive and stay sustainable.

April 26, 2024

How Your Business Can Benefit From Sponsoring L.A. TACO

When your company sponsors L.A. TACO, you receive a variety of quick and cost-effective benefits for far less than what we price our traditional advertisements and social media mentions at.

April 25, 2024

The 11 Best Backyard Restaurants in Los Angeles

Despite many requests to publish this guide, L.A. TACO has been somewhat protective of these gems to not "burn out the spots." However, we wanted to share it with our small, loyal pool of paid members, as we appreciate your support (and know you to be okay, non-NARCs). Please enjoy responsibly and keep these 'hood secrets...secrets.

April 18, 2024

Here’s What an L.A. TACO Membership Gets You and Why You Should Support Local Journalism

With more than 30 members-only perks at the best L.A. restaurants, breweries, and dispensaries waiting to be unlocked, the L.A. TACO membership pays for itself!

April 17, 2024