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‘El Corrido de Kobe Bryant’ Is Here to Soothe the Paisa Soul of Los Angeles

2:57 PM PST on January 27, 2020

    [dropcap size=big]I[/dropcap]t was only a matter of time until someone in Los Angeles immortalized Kobe Bryant via corrido martyrdom. After all, Los Angeles has the second-highest population of Mexicans outside of Mexico City and it is a fact that Bryant held a special kinship with Latino fans and culture. 

    Sure enough at 9 PM last night, not even 12 hours after the official announcement of Bryant’s passing, Charles “El Guapo Guzman Del Valle” Goose uploaded what is sure to be the new Kobe anthem to be played loudly from trucks and backyard family parties all over Los Angeles, “El Corrido de Kobe Bryant.”  

    “I’m a rap artist who has been making music for over ten years,” Goose tells L.A. Taco over an interview. “This whole Kobe Bryant situation really hit me hard, so I wanted to make something original and from the heart.” In this case, the 30-year-old’s heart was telling him to go with his Mexico-born roots and go with a corrido. Goose recounts that he was in the freeway when his wife told him about Kobe’s passing and that had to pull over to process the initial stage of grief. 

    The Chalinoesque corrido covers all the bases of a great Mexican anthem honoring a fallen hero: a melodic accordion, a brief summary of his origin and of his demise, an ode to his legacy, and a cathartic expression of life and death. 

    “We grew up with him and as soon as I heard, I knew I had to honor him.” Goose shares that it took about an hour to write the catchy, melancholic lyrics and about three hours to produce the track, with the help of some friends who played in paisa bands. The San Fernando Valley-raised independent artist tapped into his family’s roots in Michoacán for inspiration.  

    Charles “El Guapo Guzman Del Valle” Goose. Photo courtesy of artist.

    The Chalinoesque corrido covers all the bases of a great Mexican anthem honoring a fallen hero: A melodic accordion, a brief summary of his origin and of his demise, an ode to his legacy, and a cathartic expression of life and death. 

    It’s time to call your primos, camaradas, familia, buy yourself a 12-pack, open a bottle of Buchanan's, play this on repeat, take a deep breath, and let your emotions free. And while you’re at it, bump Jorge Ochoa’s “EL CORRIDO DEL KOBE BRYANT” from 2010, too. 

    Arriba Los Lakers, pariente, y fierro plebes.   

    Here are the lyrics to El Corrido de Kobe Bryant by Charles Goose. 

    Nacido en Filadelfia pero a Los Angeles se fue

    El y su hija volando nunca se imaginaron

    Muertos en un barranco sin como volver

    Siempre fue el mero mero 

    De la linea NBA

    Dejando todo atras 

    Siempre se la rifaba

    Cinco anillos en mano

    Era el campion de este mundo

    Ya se nos fue la leyenda

    Señor Kobe Bryant

    Los angeles ya te llevaron 

    No se prque no se esperaron 

    Otro dia mas lejos

    Si no que el dia de hoy

    Y no agüite familia porque el Kobe no perdio su vida

    Si no que la gano en el cielo, asi es. 

    English translation

    Born in Philadelphia, but he left to Los Angeles

    Him and his daughter they never would have imagined

    Dead in a mountainside without any way of coming back

    He was always the best-best

    In the NBA

    Leaving everything behind him

    He always came through

    Five rings on his hand

    He was the champion of the world

    Our legend is has left us

    Mr. Kobe Bryant

    The angels took you 

    I don’t know why they didn’t wait for a day later in life

    Instead of today

    And don’t be sad, fam. Kobe didn’t lose his life

    He gained a new one in the sky

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