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Power Ranking the Best Chamoy Dip In L.A. to Rim Your White Claw

11:19 AM PDT on March 16, 2022

    This post is sponsored by White Claw, the official seltzer of L.A. TACO. 

    It’s hard to imagine what can’t be accomplished when two great things work together. Whether it's overcoming a formidable obstacle or creating the next big thing, a bit of collaboration can go a long way. Take chamoy, for example; the fruity treat enjoyed by children and adults alike. 

    It works drizzled over freshly-cut fruit, atop a can of cerveza, or even smothered on gummy bears and peach rings. The secret to the sauce is the amalgamation of flavors that activates all your taste buds. Traditionally made with dried fruit, citrus, and dried chiles, chamoy is the definition of “a little kick.” 

    The sweet, salty, sour, and spicy combo compliments whatever you drip it on, from chips to mango slices. Perhaps this candy topping is so delicious because it too is a product of collaboration between Mexican and Chinese food cultures from centuries past. Today, chamoy is still trending in the L.A. street food scene, only now it's blowing up as a dip for drinks. 

    While it pairs excellently with beer, the variety of chamoy flavors offered today opens up many possibilities for other drinks like hard seltzer. White Claw’s gluten-free and low-carb beverage mixed with a thick layer of chamoy hits like a tropical fruit cocktail. Drink it cold, and the chamoy sticks to your lips after every sip. 

    In efforts to find the most elite combinations, L.A. TACO bought eight different chamoy dip brands from local markets and tried them with the White Claw variety pack. So without further adieu, here is the breakdown of the best White Claw and chamoy marriages.

    Photos by Daniel Suarez for L.A. TACO.
    Photos by Daniel Suarez for L.A. TACO.

    Sinaloa Escarchador - Sabor Tamarindo

    I was excited to try this one since it’s imported from Mexico. When I opened it, the smell was pungent. The tamarind pulp dominates any other aroma in the mixture. A teaspoon may still be too much for the average person, but if you love the potent sour flavor of tamarindo and don’t like your drinks to be sweet, this rim paste is the one for you.

    Sinaloa Escarchador is available for purchase here

    Photos by Daniel Suarez for L.A. TACO.
    Photos by Daniel Suarez for L.A. TACO.

    Micheladas Mata Crudas Rim Paste - Pineapple 

    The folks at MMC created a strong contender for the top rim paste. This L.A.-based dip is reminiscent of those iconic “Vero Elote” Mexican lollipops but does lack a little in chile. It's very sweet and candy-like and sticks well to cans and glass cups. I combined it with a mango White Claw, and it was great. I used a spoon to cover the can in dip a second time since the first only lasted a few sips. To find this rim dip and their other flavors, find their Instagram @micheladasmatacrudas, where they post all locations to buy. Sprinkle some Tajín after dipping to add a little flavor and neutralize some of that sweetness.

    Micheladas Mata Crudas rim paste is available for purchase here

    Photos by Daniel Suarez for L.A. TACO.
    Photos by Daniel Suarez for L.A. TACO.

    Cinco de Mayo Chamoy Rim Dressing With Peach Slices

    This tub of gummy peach rings and chamoy is your classic rim dip. The highlights are definitely in the chile powder and peach rings, but you have to drink it fast because it’ll run down your can and onto whatever surface you placed it on in about 10 minutes. It uses chamoy extract, which emanates a delightfully sweet smell. The runniness can be remedied if you chill it and dry off the lid of the can before dipping, but always place it on a napkin just in case. 

    Cinco de Mayo Chamoy Rim Dressing is available for purchase here

    Photos by Daniel Suarez for L.A. TACO.
    Photos by Daniel Suarez for L.A. TACO.

    Chamoy La Chicana - Mango

    This small business from Norwalk went above and beyond my expectations with its mango dip. It’s both sweet and sour, but no one flavor dominates the other. The aroma is not intense, and the consistency is very sticky. I also appreciate the amount of dried ingredients throughout the cup, which jams a lot of flavor after sipping. The taste was exceptional in that it was very well-rounded, not too salty or sweet. It allowed me to enjoy both the mango rim and the strawberry White Claw flavors. Chamoy La Chicana also has a variety of candy options. I had the pleasure of trying the gummy worms, which were soft and very good. You can find all their selections on their Instagram, where they take orders via direct message. This chamoy representing the 562 paired great with White Claw and therefore is my favorite of this list. Well done.

    Find Chamoy La Chicana online here for more information

    Photos by Daniel Suarez for L.A. TACO.
    Photos by Daniel Suarez for L.A. TACO.

    Gaby’s Gummies & Drip - Watermelon Slices

    Dieters beware! Do not read this if you don’t have the strength to resist the most mouthwatering gummy candies ever! The watermelon slices were coated in this crimson red chamoy that compliments the candy so well. They didn’t have the traditional dip in stock, so I went for the watermelon slices and had no regrets. There was more than enough chamoy in the cup to make a rim, and it was fine. It doesn’t have a strong spice like some others on this list, but consider that this was meant to flavor the candy. I didn’t realize how good they were until I sealed it up and cracked it back open not five minutes later. You can’t just have one! I haven’t tried their “Gushers Cup” yet but mark my words: I’m coming for you! 

    Find Gaby’s Gummies & Drip online here for more information. 

    Photos by Daniel Suarez for L.A. TACO.
    Photos by Daniel Suarez for L.A. TACO.

    Antojitos - Mangonada

    Antojitos is an icon in the michelada game. If you didn’t know, they make that tried and true Styrofoam michelada cup available at supermarkets and liquor stores with that lizard or dinosaur character on the logo. Being a bigger brand, I wasn’t sure what to expect after trying some of these other dips, and right away, I noticed that the chile was so finely ground that you could hardly see it in the dip. Overall, I did enjoy the mangonada flavor with a pineapple White Claw. I found it interesting that I didn’t initially taste sweetness because most of the flavors are noticed in the aftertaste. I think that is what makes this dip pair well with most alcoholic drinks and micheladas especially. The mangonada was good, and I wouldn’t mind trying it again.

    Antojito’s Mangonada rim paste is available at Northgate Markets.

    Photos by Daniel Suarez for L.A. TACO.
    Photos by Daniel Suarez for L.A. TACO.

    El Michelon Sinaloense Estilo Badiraguato - Tamarindo

    This take on the tamarindo chamoy fared much better. While it’s not made in Sinaloa, it boasts that Sinaloa style. The tamarindo is prevalent but not overpowering, which was nice. Very similar to the Pelon Pelo Rico candy as far as sweetness and taste. The brand’s website has a vast selection of chamoy dips and flavors, including watermelon, grape, and cucumber. They invite customers to try their products on all fruits and drinks, but I didn’t see anything about candy yet. Out of curiosity, I tried this dip with a blackberry White Claw. The rim tasted great, but with the muted taste of the blackberry, it was pretty much all I tasted. This might be the most balanced flavor for micheladas and rim dips for tamarindo lovers who like their things a little on the sweeter side instead of tart.

    Follow El Michelon Sinaloense to find out where it is available for purchase. 

    Photos by Daniel Suarez for L.A. TACO.
    Photos by Daniel Suarez for L.A. TACO.

    Baja Micheladas Rim Dip - Chamoy

    The crushed chile sits on your tongue after the chamoy dissolves, which is a nice salty treat. The chamoy itself is not aggressive sweet but is similar to the Cinco de Mayo Peach Ring dip. I appreciate that they sell it in a smaller cup, and you can find it at most liquor stores. It’s interchangeable with other big brands, but not bad. 

    Follow Baja Micheladas Rim Dip to find out where it is available for purchase.

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