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Thinkspace Celebrates 10 Years with “La Familia” ~ Opens This Saturday Night

5:36 PM PST on January 8, 2015


    Thinkspace has occupied an important place in the Los Angeles art world, and this weekend they celebrate 10 years in business. What we love most about Thinkspace is that they seem to be able to provide the essential context that artists need to properly share their vision with the public. Thinkspace doesn't just curate great art, they allow artists to create unique shows and installations that change people's perceptions.

    L.A. Taco focuses a lot on street art, graffiti, and vandalism and lots of people have had the idea to take that style of art and put it in a gallery. Far fewer have been able to actually make it work, and Thinkspace is one of the leaders. More than that, they passionately care about the artists and the work they display, and everything from the presentation to the way they speak and write about their exhibits reflects that passion and love.

    For the 10 year anniversary, the gallery presents La Familia, a group exhibition featuring over 120 small works, and huge talent, by the gallery’s permanent roster and extended family. Co-presented with Trekell, each artist will produce a 10” x 10” work on panel to commemorate the gallery’s fortuitous milestone, and to commend the creativity of all those who have built the foundations for its future. This special exhibition is dedicated to the growing strength of our numbers and, most importantly, to our artists.

    Full list of artists:

    Aaron Horkey
    Aaron Nagel
    Adam Caldwell
    Alex Yanes
    Alexis Diaz
    Allison Sommers
    Amanda Marie
    Amy Sol
    Ana Bagayan
    Andrew Hem
    Andrew Schoultz
    Andy Kehoe
    Ariel DeAndrea
    Audrey Kawasaki
    Blaine Fontana
    Brendan Monroe
    Brett Amory
    Brian Mashburn
    Brian M. Viveros
    Buff Monster
    Caia Koopman
    Camilla d’Errico
    Carl Cashman
    Catherine Brooks
    Chet Zar
    Chie Yoshii
    Christine Wu
    Craig ‘Skibs’ Barker
    Dabs Myla
    Dalek (aka James Marshall)
    Dan Lydersen
    Dan-ah Kim
    Dave MacDowell
    David Cooley
    Derek Gores
    Drew Young
    Erica Rose Levine
    Erik Jones
    Erik Siador
    Fernando Chamarelli
    Frank Gonzales
    Fuco Ueda
    Fumi Nakamura
    Glenn Arthur
    Glenn Barr
    Henrik Aa. Uldalen
    Jacub Gagnon
    James Bullough
    Jason Thielke
    Jeff Ramirez
    Jen Lobo
    Jeremy Fish
    Jeremy Hush
    Jim Houser
    Joanne Nam
    Joao Ruas
    Johnny ‘KMNDZ’ Rodriguez
    Jolene Lai
    Joram Roukes
    Josh Keyes
    Karl Addison
    Karla Ortiz
    Keita Morimoto
    Kelly Vivanco
    Ken Flewellyn
    Kevin Peterson
    Kikyz 1313
    Know Hope
    Kwon Kyungyup
    Lindsey Carr
    Linnea Strid
    Liz Brizzi
    Low Bros
    Luke Chueh
    Marco Mazzoni
    Mari Inukai
    Mark Dean Veca
    Mary Iverson
    Matthew Grabelsky
    Mia Araujo
    Michael Ramstead
    Mike Egan
    N.S. David
    Pam Glew
    Paul Barnes
    Paul Romano
    Rod Luff
    Ryan Hewett
    Sandra Chevrier
    Sarah Joncas
    Scott Listfield
    Scott Radke
    Seamus Conley
    Sean Mahan
    Seth Armstrong
    Shark Toof
    So Youn Lee
    Stella Im Hultberg
    Stephanie Buer
    Sylvia Ji
    Timothy Karpinski
    Tony Philippou
    Tran Nguyen
    Troy Coulterman
    Troy Lovegates
    Word To Mother
    Yoskay Yamamoto
    Yosuke Ueno

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