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Echo Park

My Favorite Taco ~ Ask a Chola

She's beautiful, she's intelligent, she's laugh-out-loud funny, and she'll carve your heart out like a Mexica Priestess jocking Huitzilopochtli, thereby allowing you the honorable death you should only be so lucky to have.

In other words, we are in love with Ask A Chola (aka Dr. Chola McGraw) and her various alter and alter-alter egos. Her varied, humorous, and insightful video campaigns dole out insight into the differences between cholas and ninjas, dying with honor, plus a chola's place in our computer commercials. She is part Sith Lord, a former lover to Subcomandante Marcos, an aggressive backer of affirmative action for pirates, a dabbler in haiku and spoken word poetry, and the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby. Her interests are "cholacentric historical revisionism and writing the chola back into Western history where she was written out," plus an agressive Go Green campaign. "I really want to stop global warming, so we can all just get back to killing each other."

This shoulder-bumping beauty loves and reps Califas and East Los, so you know she knows herself something about good Mexican joints in this town too.

Hey Ask-A-Chola! What's your favorite taco?

"My favorite Mexican food in L.A. is Burrito King in Echo Park. The tacos and horchata are the bomb at Burrito King! I love the physical location of the Echo Park one. It's so damn noisy there on Sunset and Alvarado. And it's like an urban island. The lighting, especially when the sun is setting, is magical. I don't know how to explain it. It's like a blanket and I feel safe. They are open really late too. The homies working there will flirt with you, though, and ask for your Myspace. Jajaja..."

Love and respect, Chola! Now, here's that Myspace to save the Burrito King homies some talk-time...

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