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Interview with Anwar Taj Washington of Peas & Carrots International

12:20 PM PST on November 5, 2012

    Anwar "Carrots" Washington is a young entrepreneur who along with his partner, Joshton Peas, created Peas & Carrots International, one of the hottest street wear brands in the world right now. They also manage up-and-coming rapper Casey Veggies, and set style trends in L.A. that reverberate around the world.

    What's your favorite taco?
    My favorite spot is on La Brea and Olympic of course.

    Why peas and carrots?
    Coordination, at the time of choosing the name I wanted two things that went together aesthetically.

    How does the city of Los Angeles inspire you?
    The people... You see all these random ass folks in the city that may seem regular as fuck (based on appearance) til you find out the history on these "regular" pedestrians. It reminds me to never judge a book by its cover.

    What are your favorite colors?
    My favorites colors are white, black, grey, navy, red, orange, green, khaki... Earth tones.

    Now that PNCINTL is blowing up, what are the new challenges you face as an entrepreneur and manager?
    Being on time. Time waits for no man woman or child.

    What's next for Casie Veggies? Where do you see him in 5 years?
    Actually releasing the Chopped Not Slopped of CG3 today with OG Ron C and Candle Stick, new project top of the year, new merchandise, few shows. In 5 years I see him doing the same shit different day at a larger scale. I'm not one to predict the future, but I can tell you that he as an individual will remain the same.

    Who are some of your favorite visual artists and why? Is there a specific artist you didn't like at first that later you started to love, or do you usually know right away if you like something?
    My favorites are Gregory Siff, Stella Blu, Parra, Dabs and Myla, Curtis Kulig, Patrick Martinez, Retna, Kaws, Chandler Easley, Wolf Haley (Tyler, The Creator), Matt Martian, Russ (SSUR) to name a few. Wouldn't say there's an artist I didn't like and then did. I would say that I love colors... Vibrant colors. I love to understand and "get it". If the art doesn't speak to me and I have to stare at it for it to say something to me I don't fuck with it.

    Do you want to open a PNC store or stores? How do you imagine that space and where would you like them to be?
    We would love to have a store(s)! The store will look like a farmers market meets Bathing Ape for a bit of inspiration. Where? Hmmm... That I don't know as of yet, LA would be a great start though.

    What is your greatest talent? What do you wish you were better at?
    I would say my greatest talent would have to be branding. I love pairing things together that match or fit with finesse. I wish I was better at branding and marketing, I'll stay in my lane and perfect.

    What's the most overhyped thing in fashion and music right now? How about something that people are sleeping on?
    Hmmm, costume jewelry and edm trap... Slept on, Peas and Carrots x Casey Veggies lol we have a whole World to put onto the movement.

    Do you have a lucky number?
    Not a man that deals with luck. My dad always told me luck is in the name of lucifer, but if I did have to pick I'd say 5.

    Shout outs?
    Hi mom hi dad hi ransom PNCINTL live and grow.

    Follow Anwar on twitter: @AnwarCarrots

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