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The Photography of Gregory Bojorquez

10:58 AM PST on February 18, 2015


Gregory Bojorquez first came to our attention four years ago, when his photograph of a shooting in Hollywood made the front page of the L.A. Times. It was the first photograph shot on film that made the front page in over a decade. But we were late... Gregory has been making indelible images long before that, and has continued to document life in Los Angeles with a unique style, a sense of playfulness, and a depth that can only come from personal experience. His photos are remarkable because you can sense the love he has for his subjects but also feel his need to create art, to define a moment. To cast the neighborhood of his youth and his present in bronze and say that this, right here, matters. Boyle Heights is lucky to have someone like Gregory roaming her streets and meeting people, talking with friends, eating, and taking pictures. Please enjoy this selection of brand new scans from the photographer's recent work, along with a Q&A.


What's your favorite taco?
My neighbor Charlie sets up a stand in front of the Tepa Barber shop on 4th and Grande Vista around the corner from my house in Boyle heights.

Are you still shooting film only?
I shoot film and digital. They both serve their own purpose and niche.

img023.jpg-Red Finger Nails

How does instagram change what you're doing as a photographer if at all?
Instagram is a fun thing. I'm not sure if it has changed me as a "photographer". 99.5% of people on instagram are not photographers.

How does Boyle Heights inspire you?
Boyle Heights is inspiring after spending a lot of time outside of places like Boyle Heights.

What keeps you in the city of Los Angeles?
Los Angeles is and has always been my home. My parents were born in LA. I was born in LA. All my grandparents lived in homes they owned in Boyle Heights.


What's the best dive bar in LA?
My favorite "dive bar" in LA was The Power House at 1714 N. Highland in the heart of Hollywood. I'm not sure if there is another place like that anymore. It closed last Spring. I try not to hang out in bars at the moment.

When you take a photo, do you know right away if it's something special?
Sometimes I know I'm getting good shots that can be special. When I scan the film after, sometimes it's not as great as I first thought. When I shoot digital, I know instantly. Sometimes for that reason, the thrill I get from waiting on the film is lost when shooting digital.


How did the Hollywood shooting change your life?
The Hollywood shooting was December 9, 2011. The shot was the first cover of the LA TIMES shot on film in over 10 years and has been the only one shot on film since. I have always tried to have a camera with me at all times and since then, I try more to always have a camera or two at all times.

If you could design a soundtrack for your work, what would it be?
I would want to get someone like David Lynch to design the soundtrack for viewing my work.

Do you have a lucky number?
My lucky number is 5. I have it tattooed on me 3 different ways.

What's up next?
Next? I continue to shoot photos. I began working at Taschen Gallery in Hollywood selling prints. After a "reset", I plan on becoming more creative with photography and video/film projects.


Any shoutouts?
I have a shoutout for all the people who have passion for what they do.


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