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Taco News Roundup: Ricky on the Move, Cheesy Tacos Recipe & More

Big news-- Ricky's Fish Taco is leaving it's longtime home on Virgil. We've been watching the news unfold all of last week on Twitter, and so has Eater LA's Farley Elliot, who filed the following report:

Piña started tweeting about the upcoming location change to his nearly 10,000 Twitter followers a few days ago, before deciding that Sunday would be the final day of service from the corner parking lot. Moving forward, Piña will be back on surface streets, saying yesterday that he has plans to first land just up the street outside the Goodwill on Hollywood Boulevard.

The good news is that this might mean that Ricky will pop up near you, and possibly will venture further West, East or South than he ever has before. Keep tabs on his twitter to find out.

Photo by Wonho Frank Lee via Eater LA
Photo by Wonho Frank Lee via Eater LA
Photo by Wonho Frank Lee via Eater LA

Also on Eater, an exterior tour of Salazar, the next taco hot spot which features grilling by the homie Esdras Ochoa of Mexicali Taco & Co. which we'll be checking out soon.

It's taco Tuesday, where are the best deals in town? Time Out L.A. has some ideas.


Mos Angeleños probably know that cheese can be an authentic ingredient in tacos, vampiros, and other Mexican food, but for many people across the world, Mexican-American food drenched in queso is the only experience they've had with tacos+cheese. Serious Eat's Kenji Lopez-Alt recently went to the Yucatan peninsula, and was amazed by the combination of pork and cheese. Inspired, he shares a recipe for Cheesy Pork Tacos. Here's an excerpt from his article/recipe:

We all know that dumping shredded cheese on top of a taco is a purely gringo affair, right? That down in "real" Mexico, nobody would ever consider tainting their taco with the stuff? A few weeks back, when my wife, Adri, and I were in the Yucatán, we discovered that not only is this not true—tacos with cheese were found all over the place*—but, more importantly, I learned a completely new technique for incorporating cheese into tacos that takes it out of the realm of "Okay, that cheese is melty and, by default, delicious" and into "Holy crap, this cheese tastes like it was curdled from milk drawn from the teats of virgin bovine angels."

The new food editor of the LA Weekly is Garret Snyder and he's kicking their taco coverage up a notch. We've always been proud to have been the first publication to feature Garret's work, even though we just reprinted his blog and didn't pay him. His latest recommendation is Balam in Lynwood, of which he says:

On the menu at Balam you'll find 10 or so varieties of tacos — some traditional, some more creative — each served on handmade tortillas. There's one stuffed with stewed huitlacoche and a drizzle of cilantro crema, one made with slow-braised barbacoa and pickled red onions, and another made with "chicken tinga masala," a Mexican-Indian riff garnished with cilantro and a handful of roasted almonds.

L.A. Magazine is doing the dirty jobs, like taste-testing Del Tacos new "Street Tacos." It sounds like they aren't all that bad, although it's hard to imagine a place in L.A. that has a Del Taco but no real street tacos around...

At $2.29, the taco seems like a relative steal… Or at least that thought creeps in your head before realizing that they made a fast-food imitation twice as expensive as the real thing, and L.A. is America’s undisputed champion of one-dollar street tacos, and now the foil wrapping on Del Taco’s meaty imposters seems weird and contrived.

Also at LA Mag, how about some actually authentic tacos? Bill Esparza does it again with his latest spot you must check out: There’s A Steamed Breakfast Taco In Boyle Heights That You Must Try  The subheading is: Tacos de canasta, tacos al vapor—whatever you call them, these are the best in L.A. When Bill says the best in L.A., he means it so expect business to boom at the place called "the most hygienic stand around."

That's it for this week's taco news roundup. If you have news of your own, please contact us! We love tips and inside scoops...

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