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Through Their Conchas, This Huntington Park Panadería Celebrates Pride Month by Giving Back to LGBTQ Youth

“We lost customers, but to be honest, we don’t need them. We stand with our community. All of our community," says the owner of the Mexican bakery in SELA. One hundred percent of the proceeds from these Pride conchas will be donated to Latinx Equality Alliance.

Photo by: Janette Villafana for L.A. TACO.

For the past three years, Los Angelitos Bakery in Huntington Park has been giving back to the LGBTQ plus community through their soft and pillowy conchas, and this year is no exception.

The bakery has been serving the Huntington Park community for the past 31 years and is celebrating Pride Month by baking their specialty rainbow-colored conchas and other pan dulce inspired by the many flags that represent the LGTBQ plus community.

In an effort to help youth, 100% of the proceeds from their specialty conchas will be donated to Latinx Equality Alliance, an organization that advocates for the Latinx LGBTQ plus community's equity, safety, and wellness. In particular, they will be donating to LEA’s fund that provides scholarships to youth on their way to college.

“Pásele,” said co-owner Deanna Ductoc, as she waved a customer in.

The papel picado above her swayed across the bakery, and heart-shaped rainbow balloons adorned its counter. The smell of freshly baked conchas coming out of the oven instantly filled our lungs with its warmth.

“We sell them (the conchas) year-round, but this month we actually are donating 100% of the proceeds to the LGBTQ plus youth for college scholarships,” said Ductoc. “What’s great is that I actually sit on that committee and review all the applications, we read all the essays and stories, and we select the youth that will be getting the scholarship.”

They were very successful in the first year that Ductoc and her family did this, raising almost $4,000 dollars. Last year she said they raised $5,000. Of course, this year they are hoping to surpass both of those amounts.

Ductoc explained that despite having success during the first year they decided to bake their rainbow conchas, they did receive some backlash from the community. Some customers scolded them, telling them they’d never return to their bakery, as they were appalled by a conchita with extra colors. 

“We lost customers, but to be honest, we don’t need them," said Ductoc. "We stand with our community. All of our community. We're not here to spread hate. Getting the support not only from the community we’re representing for the LGBTQ plus youth, but the community itself, I think it's very important for our culture.”

Photo by: Janette Villafana for L.A. TACO.
Photo by: Janette Villafana for L.A. TACO.
Photo by Janette Villafana for L.A. TACO.

For Ductoc and her family, doing something special for Pride Month has always been important. So that the entire community feels represented and supported. As well as for personal reasons. 

“It really hits home because I have a younger brother that is gay," said Ductoc as she pointed at their PROUD flag that hangs on their window in front of the bakery. "I have family members and friends, too, so we’re definitely allies here. We have our PROUD flag up year-round."

Ductoc said she has never understood the hatred towards the LGBTQ plus community because she’s always supported it. She explained that their business is all about supporting those around them, no matter their gender, race, or personal identification. 

“They are people like you and me,” she said. “They deserve to live a life without fear.”

As for their conchas, they are as appealing to the eye as they are to the pallet. The in-house baker here has been baking for them for the past 20 years. Making conchas is second nature to him, according to Ductoc, as he learned how to make Mexican pan dulce in Mexico from his grandfather and has a total of 40 years in baking. 

His craft can be tasted with just one bite. The conchas are soft and tender, which is often rare in pan dulce, which sometimes gets a bad rep for being too dry on the inside. But at Angelitos Bakery, the bread is the opposite of dry. 

Their conchas for Pride Month are available for the entire month of June. You can place an order of a half a dozen conchas of your choice for $14 or a dozen for $27. You can order their pride conchas that range from their rainbow flag to pansexual, transgender, bisexual flags, and more. 

“We just wish we could bring a little taste of our culture, of home here in the city of Huntington Park, and share it with everyone around us," Ductoc said. "We also want to represent our community, our youth. We want to represent the LGBTQ-plus community and want everyone to know they are always welcome.”

2881 E. Florence Ave. Huntington Park, CA 90255. Closest Metro lines and stop: Bus Lines 111 and 251 - "Florence/Mountain View", Bus Lines 102 and 611 - "Florence/Seville", Bus Line 60 - "Pacific/Florence."

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