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Nug Report: El Chapo OG Is a ‘Couch-Locker’ and Part of Proud Tradition in L.A. OG Strains

[dropcap size=big]E[/dropcap]l Chapo OG is a full-body, indica-dominant OG phenotype from California-based Boss Status Genetics, a micro-cannabis farm looking to set up shop in Los Angeles's new recreational market.

Today, El Chapo OG is well regarded for being one of the top cuts of kush on the market. For L.A. smokers that are accustomed to the OG palette, El Chapo is perfect.

The high from El Chapo is what you might expect from a robust OG phenotype with roots from the 90s. El Chapo is relentlessly strong. It's known for being a couch-locker. Because of its potency some smokers might choose to save El Chapo for an end of day toke.

All photos by Lexis-Oliver Ray

The potent hybrid is said to be a cross between three legendary strains that debuted in the 90s, Face Off OG, SFV OG, and a straight OG. California cannabis culture grew exponentially in the mid 90s and eventually became the first state to introduce medical cannabis in 1996. OG Kush seeped into rap music and hit the streets of L.A. as early as the late 80s, when cannabis cultivation could still land you in prison for a lifetime.

The San Fernando Valley became a major hub for growers and distributors around this period, thanks to its sprawl and suburban footprint. SFV OG, one of the parents of El Chapo, was hybridized during this era. Today it's still considered one of the strongest cuts of OG around.

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[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]he lineage of OG, or ocean grown, cannabis has been debated for decades but there are two main schools of thought on the subject. Most canna-historians agree that as the name suggests ocean grown kush took root somewhere near the coast, most likely in Southern California where it first gained popularity.

Others believe that the name actually refers to Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in the country. Tahoe OG is another first generation OG that's known for its potency.

Everyone can agree that OG Kush flourishes in California.

“California has its own unique strain landscape compared to the rest of the world,” according to Boss Status Genetics. The firm is also behind The Plug, another powerful OG pheno. “Today you’d be hard-pressed to find a strain that hasn’t been crossed with this illustrious hybrid,” notes Boss Status.

California's landscape and Los Angeles in particular is ideal for growing kush and cannabis. Our city falls along the coveted 33rd parallel, a similar longitude to the Hindu Kush region where kush originated.

While the origins of OG Kush can be debated, L.A.'s association with the strain cannot. The City of Angels paved the way for OG to grow from backyard garages in the Valley to arguably the most influential cut of cannabis in the world. If you've consumed cannabis in the last 20 years, you've likely experienced the influence of OG Kush. Now it's time to try El Chapo.

Find out where to buy El Chapo OG locally here

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