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The Six ‘Healthiest’ Things to Eat and Drink at a Dodgers Game

From vegan Dodger Dogs to veggie tempura and fizzy non-alcoholic drinks, to baseball's most traditional snack, not everything is ruinously terrible for you at Dodger Stadium.

Here are the healthiest things to eat at Dodger Stadium.

Because we know the common phenomenon of being good and working out all week, only to submit to a steady onslaught of giant micheladas, lengthy Dodger dogs, and nachos until all the Ultra Slim Fast in the world can't contain your Lasordian breadbasket.

So, we've rounded up all the best options for enjoying the game with less guilt.

It's a do-as-we-say, not as-we-do situation, as we're personally just as powerless when faced with the temptation of garlic-slathered tater tots, tubular, be-bunned meat, and impossibly big beers at a game.

Nonetheless, much like the Giants with sucking, we continue to walk this path.

Plant-Based Dodger Dogs

A vegan Dodger Dog with mustard and chopped jalapenos
A pea-protein-based Dodger Dog from Field Roast. Photo via Field Roast.

We couldn't tell precisely what specific animal parts comprise a typical Dodger Dog. But suppose this mystery preoccupies you beyond normal human curiosity. In that case, we're happy to report there are also plant-based Dodger dogs, made by Field Roast using pea protein, sold all around the stadium. That's not all. Additional vegan options around the stadium include plant-based tostadas, soft-serve ice cream, and Beyond Burgers, which you'll order at the Bud & Burgers stand.


An armful of Health-Ade Kombucha.
Health-Ade Kombucha. Photo via Health-Ade.

If you are firmly entrenched on the N/A wagon but still crave something cold and fizzy to hoist while screaming at adult millionaires wearing long blue socks and baseball gloves, you'll find 11.5 oz. cans of Health-Ade's kombucha sold at Centerfield Plaza. The Torrance-based, gut-healthy fermented tea comes in two flavors here: Pink Lady apple and passion-fruit tangerine, and is worked into mocktails at the stadium's speakeasy bar. Should you want to slosh it into a mini-helmet and join the party, it looks like beer.

At Centerfield Plaza Eats and Treats

A collection of chicken skewers, Asian dumplings, and eggrolls in a home plate-shaped plate at Dodger Stadium
Delicious Hospitality's Home Plate Platter with chicken teriyaki skewers, edamame gyoza, and more. Photo via Delicious Hospitality.

Veggie Tempura, Sushi, Skewers, and Salads

It might be a feeling, but we imagine Japanese food anywhere will be better for us than any U.S. stadium food. Go ahead and put the theory to the test at Delicious Hospitality, a new Japanese food stand in Field 8 that serves nigiri and sushi rolls, salads with miso-ginger dressing, chicken teriyaki skewers, edamame dumplings, and vegetable tempura. Compare those to the buckets of Korean fried chicken, Cheeto-lots, and blue cheese-laden "Extreme Dogs" in your neighbors' mitts and we think you'll agree.

Field 8 - Delicious Hospitality and Centerfield Plaza - LA Feeds Blue

Caesar salad with cherry tomatoes
Caesar salad. Photo by Monika Grabkowska/Unsplash.

Chicken Caesar Salad

"A salad, a salad... our Ohtani bobblehead for a salad!" We hear your cries for roughage in Dodger Stadium and feel your pain. But while we used to point people towards the Caesar salads at CPK here in years past, we now tell them to the chicken Caesar salad at the three locations of Home Plate, which took over pizza duties this year and has a Caesar of its own. Is Caesar really any worse for you than a barbacoa taco platter? Could be?

Home Plate Pizza ~ Field 48/Loge 132/Reserve 3

A bunch of peanuts peeking from a brown bag
Get your peanuts here. Photo by Radu Marcusu/Unsplash.


Maybe the healthiest option at Dodger Stadium is also its most traditional: roasted peanuts, which, minus the depths of salt dusted all over their shells, are a one-ingredient banger of filling, not-so-terrible for your snack when consumed in relative moderation. Not only that, but you'll find them essentially everywhere, making them a better option than missing Mookie's at-bat while you go searching after sushi.

Fruit Cups

A fruit parfait with a plastic fork sticking out of it.
Fruit cup. Photo by Yulia Khlebnikova/ Unsplash.

We don't expect big things from a fruit cup sitting in a Dodger Stadium AM/PM. Still, there are times when your body gives you every indication that it needs nutrients. And that's where you'll find them, at AM/PM on Field 1 and at the similarly not-quite-salutary-sounding Flamin' Hot Corner at Field 47. Good luck!

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