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Full Circle Show ~ Pita Popix Grill Gardena

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Pita Popix Grill in Gardena hosts the "Full Circle Show" in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. This free community event with emphasis on art, music and culture is organized by Diego A. Mendoza and Omowale Oniyide. Erwin Recinos was able to talk to the young organizers about this creative endeavor.

How did you both come up with this event?
(Omowale speaking) The idea for Full Circle came from Diego noticing there was something lacking in the South Bay. We kept bumping into people we knew from the South Bay at L.A. Artwalk and different shows as far out as the 626. (Diego speaking) I realized it made sense to create a community event closer to home to emphasize and celebrate the talent already present in the area. A place where everyone can get together and vibe off each other. A place where everything that makes our culture, the art, stickers, food, dancing, music, clothing, etc. can all come together and synchronize with each other in a Full Circle.

How long have you been putting together these events?
We started the first Full Circle Show in mid 2012.

Name some local brands that have made their way down to be part of the event.
We have very good relationships with many local brands. A few who have been with us from our earliest shows include Dvious Clothing, Wood Class, Future Replica, ROLA MVMT, Bexclamation, and ING Couture.

What artist have you had on display at Full Circle?

We have had many artists from all areas really: Baldwin Park, Bueno Park, Long Beach, Venice, North Hollywood, Harbor City, and even an artist from Queens, New York who shipped his art across the nation to display at our show! We get artists who do many shows as well as artists who would make this show their first showcase.

One of the biggest reasons I went to this event was for the stickers! I'm a fiend for a good sticker show. What are your favorite sticker artists and what have you learned about the "sticker scene"?

We have tons of sticker cats come through, my favorites are hard to point out simply because there are so many. I would have to say that Jose Fever was one of my favorites. Other sticker names that I can put out there are Corp and Virtual from High Class Bums, Stasher from BKC, Derf Bunny from Queens, Slod Pork & Sprouts from L2B, and one of my all time favorites was DEADLINDY with her blue clouds and decapitated unicorns. I myself also make stickers so I knew a bit, however I did learn that stickers are a perfect way to network and meet many new people simply by coming together for an event like this and being able to trade and talk to one another.

If I'm in Gardena where would be the best place to get a taco at?
We both grew up in Inglewood and when at home hit up LAX Tacos and the Taco Dollar truck, they stay open late!

How long have you been at this location at Pita Popix Grill?
We have been at Pita Popix Grill since May 2012. Popix's head chef, Nick, might whip up an off the menu special just for you.

What do you both suggest on the menu at Pita Popix?
Wale and WoodClass both go on an on about the Steak Sandwich because of how the steak completely compliments the cheese and mushrooms. I myself go for their special Popix Burger simply because it has Pastrami, Gyro, cheese, veggies and the half pound of hand-molded beef patty to make it as special an filling as can be.

What are your plans this year for Full Circle, what can the South Bay and LA be on the look out for?
Our plans this year are to be able to reach out to different areas around All of Los Angeles and South Bay areas by hosting Full Circle Show city editions like "Full Circle Show 818 Edition", in hopes that we can then give people a glimpse into our movement towards emphasizing on the art & culture in our communities. We hope to give everyone shows at a bigger scale so that then our message can be spread further to our communities.

If our readers are interested in vending or displaying artwork how can they get a hold you?
If any artists or vendors are interested in showcasing at Full Circle, they can send me an email titled "Full Circle Artist/or Vendor" to, I will then reply as soon as I possibly can.

Pita Popix Grill
15703 Crenshaw Boulevard
Gardena, CA 90249

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