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Meet L.A.’s ‘Taqueros Rockeros’ Competing at Our Live TACO MADNESS Event

Since selling their first taco in 2018, the couple has quickly become an indispensable taquería in the city's competitive taco scene, whether it's with their taco de chorizo verde featuring the hard-to-find Toluca, Mexico-based variation of the green, herb-based sausage (vegan available) or with their highly original and delicious octopus al pastor negro taco.

May 1, 2023

The Five Best Tacos in Pico Rivera

Pico Rivera’s best tacos often get outshined by its neighborhoring cities, but it does have some deep community gems. Tacos gobernador, carnitas, and more, here's where to eat next time you are hungry and in Picolandia.

April 26, 2023