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The 25 Best Breakfast Burritos In L.A.

Los Dos Chingones, photo: Memo Torres

A good breakfast burrito has the ability to fortify your body and soul.

Crudo? Nothing like a big ol' burro with extra salsa to bring you back to life. Need to get the most bang for your buck? A good breakfast burrito will keep you full well into lunch or further. Working out and needing a good recovery meal? A burrito will instantly reverse all those laps you just ran. However, as we all know, not all breakfast burritos are created equal.

A legendary breakfast burrito is marked by a thin, chewy tortilla, scrambled eggs not overcooked to death, a crispy potato of some kind, and some juicy morsels of breakfast meat, any meat.

In a sea of lousy breakfast burritos, here are a handful personally vetted to fully satisfy your breakfast burrito by L.A. TACO all over the Southland.

Corner Cottage


"The City of Burbank’s breakfast burrito scene is strong as a whole, but Corner Cottage reigns supreme. If you’re one of the many huddled masses who find themselves making the trek out to Burbank on a Saturday morning to get a taste of the legendary breakfast burrito, then you know why we’ve hailed it as one of the best. It’s the perfectly cooked mixture of potato, and eggs, and your choice of bacon, sausage, or ham. Don’t forget to ask for some of their house-made salsa to be sauced inside your burrito. That added level of spice creates a superior bite and an excellent way to start your weekend out on a high note."  - Gab Chabrán

310 S. Victory Blvd. Burbank, CA 91502. Closest Metro line and stop: Bus Line 155 - “Olive/Victory.”




"There is no denying the greatness of this chorizo burrito with must-have avocado. It might be why millennials never own homes, but it makes for a great meal. The key ingredient to this burrito is the smoked potato hash. The mild spice of the bell peppers and smokiness completely envelope every bite. This burrito changed my idea of what I thought a breakfast burrito could be." - Cesar Hernandez

440 N. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036. Closest Metro lines and stop: Bus Lines 217 or 218 - “Fairfax/Rosewood.”

Los Dos Chingones, photo: Memo Torres

Carnitas Los Dos Chingones

Boyle Heights

"Carlos Escobar grew up making carnitas in his hometown of Teocaltiche in Los Altos de Jalisco, Mexico. Whether he realizes it or not, Carnitas Los Dos Chingones is primed to compete in L.A.’s breakfast burrito wars, with its crispy chilaquiles, egg,  juicy carnitas, queso fresco, and refried beans. It is a legendary breakfast burrito in the streets of Boyle Heights and located a block away from Mariscos Jalisco, so hit 'em both to see why L.A. has the best taco scene in the country." - Memo Torres

1365 S. Dacotah St. Los Angeles, CA 90023. Closest Metro lines and stop: Bus Line 62 - “Olympic/Dacotah” or Bus Line 605 - "Grande Vista/Olympic."



"Acapela focuses on the less-is-more approach for each burrito. The carne asada is prepared with pico de gallo and guacamole, preventing that Angus flavor from being lost in rice, beans, and crema that usually spill out of other burritos around the city. The adobada only has cilantro, onions, and guacamole. The same simplicity can be said of their breakfast burritos, served with either ham, bacon, steak, or bean, cheese, and egg. Simple, hefty, and satisfying." -Memo Torres

6913 La Tijera Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90045. Closest Metro lines and stop: Bus Line 102 - “La Tijera/Alvern” or Bus Line 110 - "Centinela/La Tijera."

Happy Taco's breakfast burrito. Photo By Cesar Hernandez.

Happy Taco


"The texture of this wonderful breakfast burrito comes from the tater tots and crunchy bacon. The tots are fried until crispy but soft on the inside, and the bacon and sausage are seared until crisp. Happy Taco understands that once everything gets wrapped in a tortilla what stands out most is those contrasting textures." - Cesar Hernandez

1309 S. Hoover St. Los Angeles, CA 90006. Closest Metro lines and stop: Bus Lines 30 or 603 - “Pico/Hoover” or Bus Line 2 - "Alvarado/Pico."

burrito track

Burrito Track


"In 1978, Don Pedro Vaca created the one and only Burrito Track on Mills Ave, a community gem lauded by residents and burrito lovers abroad for its delicious specials and 17 different kinds of three-egg breakfast burritos." If you're in Whittier, come in for a taste of this neighborhood-approved community gem. -Daniel Suarez

10027 Mills Ave. Whittier, CA 90605. Closest Metro line and stop: Bus Line 120 - “Telegraph/Mills.”

Bomba's breakfast burrito. Photo by Gab Chabran.

Burrito Bomba


"Burrito Bomba specializes in breakfast burritos made with a signature red tortilla filled to the brim with a cheesy egg mixture goodness, your choice of bacon and/or large, juicy cuts of steak, freshly cut cajun fries, and their own pico de gallo and spicy mayo. While purists might turn their nose up to such addition, we are here to assure you that it's the perfect complement. The signature condiment adds to an already savory flavor-bomba that makes for a transcendent experience, leaving you wondering if it constitutes a burrito that's only specific to breakfast or something completely different entirely?" - Gab Chabrán

1360 E. Colorado St Unit A Glendale, CA 91205. Closest Metro lines and stop: Bus Line 251 - “Colorado/Verdugo” or Bus Line 180 - "Broadway/Verdugo."

Jugos Azteca

Highland Park

"The contents of the VIP Burrito are equal parts crispy bacon and soul-confirming, meaty pieces of Mexican chorizo, with large chunks of home fries that are as soft as they are warm. It gets better, with enough slices of avocado that this would probably cost double if it was on toast a few doors down. There is also an outlying ring of Monterey Jack cheese that is always welcome in the kingdom of breakfast burritos. It is served with a side of grilled onions and seared jalapeño, even if you didn’t ask for it. If you want even more heat, ask for a side of their potent salsa Mexicana." - Gab Chabrán

5213 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90042. Closest Metro line and stop: Bus Line 182 - “York/Avenue 52.”

Macheen burrito


Boyle Heights

"One of the most popular items at Macheen is their crispy pork belly breakfast burrito. It consists of adobado-style pork belly, hashbrowns, green apple salsa verde, soft scrambled eggs, and two kinds of cheese – Swiss and cotija. The pork belly is braised in an adobo of chiles and citrus juice. Once the burrito is wrapped, it is placed on the grill to put their trademark grill marks. The end product is a decadent burrito that might make your knees buckle. Pick yourself up and take another bite." - Cesar Hernandez

Mon-Fri. at Milpa Grill, Tues-Sun at Distrito 14, Sundays at Smorgasburg LA

Milpa Grille: Closest Metro lines and stop: Bus Line 70 - “Cesar E Chavez/Mott” or Bus Line 251 - "Soto/Cesar E Chavez." 

Smorgasburg LA: Closest Metro lines and stop: Bus Lines 53, 60, or 62 - “7th/Central.”

The Rooster


"The Rooster became one of L.A.'s favorite breakfast food trucks thanks in large part to the Rico Suave. The breakfast burrito stuffed with eggs, bacon, tater tots, avocado, cilantro crema, salsa, and a cheddar and cotija queso blend."- Erick Galindo

8809 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035. Closest Metro line and stop: Bus Line 617 - “Robertson/Pico.”

Delia’s Restaurant

Highland Park

"The chorizo breakfast burrito shines through, wrapped tightly in aluminum foil. The chorizo is crispy and juicy with the right amount of charred ends. It comes mixed in with loose bits of scrambled egg and a decent amount of hash browns. Together, this cylinder of sustenance is enough to hold you over on those days when you just might have to work through your lunchtime or class time." - Gab Chabrán

4501 York Blvd. Los Angeles, CA, 90041. Closest Metro lines and stop: Bus Line 182 - “York/Avenue 45” or Bus Line 251 - "Eagle Rock/York."

Pete's Blue Chip

Eagle Rock

"One of the most flavorful breakfast burritos in Northeast LA. After placing your order at the counter, you can feel extra classy as you slide into one of the faux leather seats and Sinatra plays over the speakers. The specimens here are stuffed to the brim with large, soft curds of scrambled eggs, mixed with hefty chopped sausage pieces. The standout feature for a Pete’s breakfast burrito is their pico de gallo salsa." - Gab Chabrán

1701 Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles, CA, 90041. Closest Metro line and stop: Bus Line 180 - “Colorado/Mount Royal.”

The Highland Cafe

Highland Park

"Its breakfast burrito should be in the shape of California since it makes a nod to San Diego’s notorious style of adding fries to things but through the lens of an Angeleno. This means cramming a generous amount of french fries drenched in a red enchilada-like sauce. The other usual suspect is there in the form of omelet-like scrambled eggs. Nonetheless, this burrito is special because it gets a boost from the most delectable glob of mashed avocado that sits perfectly in the center -- almost serving like the heartbeat of the entire affair. When consuming the California, this cosmic mishmash of spicy, crispy and eggy filling will envelop your sense of reality." - Gab Chabrán

5010 York Blvd. Los Angeles, CA, 90042. Closest Metro line and stop: Bus Line 182 - “York/Avenue 51.”

Machaca breakfast burrito at Tam's. Photo by Cesar Hernandez.



"One bite of this burrito and I am home, but be warned it is massive – like the size of a toy breed of dog. Machaca is best when it’s cooked with eggs. Tam’s throws a massive amount of this blend into a tortilla with cheese and beans. They also add rice, which is fine if you’re into rice in your burrito. But I always order this one with no rice. Theirs is not a world I can imagine, where I eat machaca with rice. The Tam’s in Paramount, the little Sinaloa of Los Angeles, is hands down the best restaurant in America (I will fight you). There you can get great chili cheese fries, very good burgers, a satisfying breakfast, and a great machaca that feels like your grandmother sent it via distant relative and plastic baggie." - Erick Galindo

8454 Alondra Blvd. Paramount, CA 90723. Closest Metro lines and stop: Bus Line 128 - “Alondra/Downey” or Bus Lines 258 and 265 - "Paramount/Alondra."

Courtesy of Low Key Burritos.

Low Key Burritos


"Phanny's veteran Matt Stevanus holds his pop-ups around parts of the South Bay, Long Beach, and DTLA and created a nationwide stir with his signature breakfast burritos loaded with plenty of veggies – such as onions, peppers, and potatoes – along with one's choice of protein ham, bacon, or carne asada. It all makes for ooey gooey perfection. With one bite, you are hit with a confetti of flavors. Stevanus also specializes in the current breakfast burrito flex du-jour of including a cheese crust on the outer half of the tortilla. It's like finding a secret quesadilla at the end of breakfast burrito rainbow." - Gab Chabrán

Penny’s Burgers

Highland Park

"The Works burrito is a lavish affair, packed with sausage, bacon and Canadian bacon. It is a substantial layer of meat that cradles hard scrambled eggs topped with lacquered bits of American cheese. The foundation of it all is a warm bed of griddled hash browns with the right ratio of both soft and crispy bits. This burrito is served with green salsa and it is zesty enough to convince you to eat the whole damn thing. The flour tortilla that it is wrapped with is of the grilled variety that wishes you a good morning and sends you off on your day, like a mother who kisses their children before they head off to school." - Gab Chabrán

6300 N. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90042. Closest Metro lines and stop: Bus Lines 81, 182, 256 or 258 - “Figueroa/York.”

The breakfast burrito at Tito's Bakery in Long Beach. Courtesy of Beach City Food Tours.

Tito's Bakery

Long Beach

"Long Beach locals know this beloved, little storefront bakery located in downtown is one of the city’s overall best. The two best choices for breakfast burritos are chorizo or machaca mixed with crispy potatoes and large, soft ribbons of scrambled eggs. Not to mention big chunks of refried beans, which are often one of the more overlooked ingredients on the breakfast burrito periodic table.  It is expertly topped with house-made green or red salsa, delivering the perfect amount of fiery goodness. It's like the perfect home-cooked meal or a hug from an old friend." - Gab Chabrán

1107 E 4th St. Long Beach, CA 90802. Closest transit lines and stop: Long Beach Transit Line 151 - “4th/Orange” or Long Beach Transit Line 71 - "Alamitos/4th."

Brother's Burritos via Yelp.

Brother's Burritos

Hermosa Beach

"All the burritos I’ve had from here have been stellar. The gimmick here is that each order comes with two small burritos. Essentially each burrito comes with its own brother. The “triple” is usually my go-to because it has a tri-tip and the standard egg-potato-cheese combo. It is the best kind of Tex-Mex. The salsa is good here so splash it on liberally." - Cesar Hernandez

24 11th St. Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. Closest Metro line and stop: Bus Line 232 - “Pacific Coast Highway/11th.”

3216 Manhattan Ave Ste B, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. Closest Metro line and stop: Bus Line 232 - “Pacific Coast Highway/Artesia.”

Jerry's Place

Long Beach

"Jerry’s Place, an unpretentious little restaurant solely comprised of diner counters, specializes in breakfast burritos. They will mesmerize you with the way that they wield two flat spatulas. The sound of clanging metal is the same kind you would hear at at Benihana, minus the price tag. The hashbrowns are crisped on the flat top, as is each strip of bacon, and the sausage is split in half to sear the entire link." - Cesar Hernandez

1537 E. 4th St. Long Beach, CA 90802. Closest transit lines and stop: Long Beach Transit Line 151 - “4th/Walnut” or Long Beach Transit Lines 91, 92, 93, and 94 - "7th/Walnut."

Ma N' Pa Grocery

Long Beach

Ma 'n Pa Grocery is a time capsule floating in the middle of Long Beach's Belmont Heights neighborhood. It's also one of the last breakfast burritos in L.A. county that costs less than $10, even if you add avocado and opt for soyrizo. It is also not overwhelmingly big and beefy, so it won't make you want to nap after. The grocery and deli is also a stone's throw away from The Colorado Lagoon, making it a perfect spot to load up for a picnic by the water. - Javier Cabral

346 Roycroft Ave. Long Beach, CA 90814. Closest transit lines and stop: Long Beach Transit Line 151 - “4th/Park” or Long Beach Transit Lines 111 and 112 - "Ximeno/4th."

Tacos Villa Corona

Tacos Villa Corona

Atwater Village

Tacos Villa Corona is a tiny little family-owned taco stand best known for its breakfast burritos. The line can stretch down the block on a busy morning, but breakfast burrito aficionados never run away from lines. They just order in advance. Tacos Villa Corona's breakfast burritos come on the smaller side. You may order two if you're hungry or nursing a Saturday morning hangover. You can't go wrong with a chorizo and papas breakfast burrito or their "chef's special" (bacon and papas). But Tacos Villas Corona is also known for its nopales and chilaquiles burritos. Maybe most importantly, all of their burritos clock in at under $10. - Lexis-Olivier Ray

3185 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90039. Closest Metro line and stop: Bus Line 92 - “Glendale/Brunswick (southbound)” or "Glendale/Atwater (northbound)."

Angry Egret Dinette 


At Angry Egret Dinette, Wes Avila's Chinatown hole-in-the-wall restaurant, you'll find breakfast burritos that will keep you full until dinner made with organic chicken eggs, slow-roasted pork shoulder, and every-once-in- awhile, fresh lobster. When Avila first opened Angry Egrette less than a year into the pandemic, he only expected to be open for a few months. Last year Angry Egret was nominated for a James Beard Award for Best New Restaurant. Although his menu constantly changes, Avila's breakfast burritos have consistently featured and always stand out for their originality and superior quality. - Lexis-Olivier Ray

970 N. Broadway Ste. 114 Los Angeles, CA 90012. Closest Metro lines and stop: Bus Line 45 - “Broadway/Bernard” or Metro A Line - "Chinatown Station."

Azteca burrito. Photo by Cesar Hernandez.

La Azteca Tortillería

East Los Angeles

The tortillería that makes arguably the best chile relleno burrito in Los Angeles also opens at 6 AM daily and feeds the working masses of East Los at dawn. The tiny restaurant off Cesar Chavez Street uses the same iconic handmade flour tortilla. It is buttery, chewy, flakey, and the kind of tortilla that gets you out of bed and excited to start your day. Their breakfast burritos are hearty and feature scrambled eggs, potatoes and beans, and ham. Though technically, their chile relleno is also battered in the whipped egg, making it an excellent breakfast burrito of sorts as well. - Javier Cabral

4538 E. Cesar E. Chavez Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90022. Closest Metro line and stop: Bus Line 70 - “Cesar E Chavez/Ford.”

The Chori-Man

Some breakfast burritos are so special, they stand on their own and outside of any list. The Chori-Man is that burrito. He changed the game in 2016 when he introduced Toluca-style green chorizo to Los Angeles, and his pioneering chorizo prowess follows his handmade chorizos today at his burrito shop in San Pedro. His chorizo verde is made of fresh herbs and chiles instead of the usual ones made with dried chile; you must taste it to understand it truly. - Javier Cabral

2309 S. Alma St. Los Angeles, CA 90731. Closest Metro lines and stop: Metro J Line (950) or Bus Line 246 - “Pacific/21st.”

Honorable O.C. Mention

Courtesy of Food Echo.

Nick's Deli

Seal Beach

"Their house breakfast burrito is a combination of eggs, chorizo, bacon, and cheese made with their special sauce and maintains its integrity by not skimping on the details. The tortilla is lightly toasted, never soggy nor steamed, and the potatoes are always fried crisply. The special sauce is similar to a red enchilada sauce which you will have your choice of, mild or spicy, bringing all the flavors together in just the right amount of spice unison. Remember it’s cash only, and you pay after your order has been fulfilled." – Gab Chabrán

223 Main St. Seal Beach, CA 90740. Closest transit lines and stop: Long Beach Transit Line 171 or OC Bus Line 42 - “Electric/Main.”

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