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The Six Best Tacos in Azusa

In Azusa, you'll mostly find CalMex and traditional taqueria eats. With a few glorious outliers involving mole negro, fried quesadillas, and pork leg. Here's where to go.

10:21 AM PDT on August 22, 2023

Taco de pierna at CAMICHFT in Azusa

These are the six best tacos in Azusa.

Located at the base of San Gabriel Canyon, it’s easy to see where Azusa gets the nickname “The Canyon City” from. Spanning an area of roughly 10 square miles, from the San Gabriel foothills to the San Gabriel River, and Irwindale to the 210 and 10 freeways, Azusa is working-class and the city's tacos reflect that: no frills, nothing fancy, and they get the job done. 

Here you'll mostly find servings of CalMex and traditional taqueria eats. With a few notable exceptions involving mole, fried quesadillas, and pierna, the taco options in Azusa are fairly standard, but still good enough to make a worthy stop when driving in the area. 

Here's what we recommend.

Tony's quesadilla dorada

Tony's Tacos

Located on Foothill just past the Covina/Azusa border, Tony’s does the basics just fine, serving some of the better asada and al pastor in the city—both well marinated and customarily topped with onions and cilantro. The carnitas and tripas tacos are also popular. The best and most unique item on the menu just might be the quesadilla dorada: a flour tortilla stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese and meat that gets fried until it's golden brown, before being finished with cabbage and cotija cheese. It comes out looking like a giant crispy taco more than a quesadilla. Still, the decadent, cheesy mutation is easily one of the more standout bites along Route 66. 

790 E. Alosta Ave. Azusa, CA 91702; (626) 848-7887

Closest Metro line and stop: Metro A Line - "APU/Citrus College Station."

Birria de res taco at El Superior

Tacos El Superior

Tacos El Superior is located up the same street as Tony's. With origins as an antelope Valley food truck, El Superior put its first location south of the San Gabriel Mountains here in Azusa. It serves a simple menu with simple tacos, but is very good. The specialty is birria de res, specifically quesabirrias—cheesy tacos with tender, juicy beef birria filling crispy tortillas. The stand also seems to sell a lot of asada nachos, burritos, and sopes. If the agua de jamaica is on the menu, get it. Not too sweet, it’s a perfect thirst quencher on a hot summer afternoon. Be on the lookout for more locations, too, as Tacos El Superior is quickly expanding, with plans to open two more L.A. area locations in Sylmar and Hawaiian Gardens.

700 E. Alosta Ave. Azusa, CA 91702

Closest Metro line and stop: Metro A Line - "APU/Citrus College Station."

Taco King combo

Taco King

Not to be confused with King Taco, Taco King is the sole property of Azusa. CalMex options and combo plates abound here, including chile relleños, delicious enchiladas, tacos dorados, and flautas. The al pastor is well-marinated and is one of the more in-demand taco orders here, as are the crisp tripas and asada. If you're reaching beyond tacos, consider the chile verde plate, with tender chunks of pork in a tangy, savory salsa. Of course, you can always order some tortillas on the side and make a taco out of it. Should the world of tacos refuse to let you go.

246 N. Azusa Ave. Azusa, CA 91702

Closest Metro line and stop: Metro A Line - "Azusa Downtown Station."

Taco de pierna at CAMICHFT


CAMICHFT, dubbed for a portmanteau of California + Michoacan + food truck, posts up right next to Gladstone Middle School on the Covina/Azusa borderline.  Is it Covina? Is it Azusa? We could debate all day. What CAMICHFT definitely has is two of the more unique tacos in the region: both tacos de pierna and tacos de mole. The taco de mole comes with just that, mole de negro, highlighting its intricate flavors simply inside of a flour tortilla dabbed in salsa macha. The pierna (pork leg) is tender, rubbed in spices, and served with onions, a touch of queso, and stuffed inside a tortilla that's also been dabbed and slightly griddled in that same salsa macha. Tortas, burritos,and mulitas are also great at CAMICHFT.

Located on the Arrow Highway side of Gladstone MS

Carnitas at Los Tres Hermanos

Los Tres Hermanos

Located by Gladstone Middle School in roughly the same area as CAMICHFT, Los Tres Hermanos serves some of the best carnitas in the area. Even better, they give you a TON with each order. These carnitas are clean, not greasy, and come piled on top of a corn tortilla. Is it a taco?  Or finger food you pick at until the tortilla can finally fold around the mound of confit pork in front of you? Both. And it’s GOOD. Drizzle a bit of lime on top and call it lunch.

Fri-Sun afternoons and evenings, located on the Arrow Highway side of Gladstone MS

Barbacoa taco at Pepe's

Pepe's Tacos

Located at the end of Azusa Avenue, right before you start heading up into San Gabriel Canyon, Pepe’s is a great spot for tacos and burritos after a long day spent in the wilderness. Or for a breakfast burrito before heading into said wilds. The barbacoa tacos and cachete (beef cheek) are the items to order, but keep an eye out out for their daily specials, such as the 99-cent shrimp tacos discounted from their usual $3 price. Also, keep an eye out for Bigfoot.

190 W. Sierra Madre Ave. Azusa, CA 91702

Closest Metro line and stop: Metro A Line - "Azusa Downtown Station."

Honorable Mention: Pupusas Isabel

Located on a neighborhood median, Pupusas Isabel is quite literally a home operation. The pupusas are handmade, stuffed, and griddled under an EZ Up canopy off of Gladstone. Get the revuelta with beans and cheese, a chicharron and cheese pupusa, or pork and cheese variety. Top your order with the vinegary curtido and smooth red salsa, and call it a night. If ingredients run low, don’t fret. Family members regularly arrive with Crock Pots from the house across the street to replenish the stand's diminishing stock. Truly a great,, unexpected find in Azusa; one that embodies the working-class spirit of this working-class city.

(323) 972-9938

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