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Taco News Round Up ~ September 21, 2007

Vegan Taco Table by Wockerjabby via Flickr
Photo: Vegan Taco Table by Wockerjabby

The taco lifestyle is sweeping the nation and the world, with tacos turning up all over and making a difference in the community. Here are the taco stories making news in the tacosphere this week...

Best Fish Tacos in San Diego?
San Diego has some of the best fish tacos north of the border, the Union Tribune checks out one of the best, South Beach Bar and Grille.

Tacos Sabrosos
Nice roundup of the history of tacos and LA taco culture from SWINDLE magazine, including a guide to various meats and some poetic descriptions of late nite East Los taco truck scenes. New to me, been online for awhile.

Tacos and Bicycles: Recipe for Hope
Tacos are helping to change the world and are the perfect foodstuff for charity fundraisers. According to the Loyolan, the most popular location at last Thursday's Community Service Fair was the Latino Heritage Month Kick-Off hosted by the De Colores service club. The event was stationed by Foley Pond and consisted of a taco sale, a bike auction and live music played by Combinacion Cubana.

Chicago Tribune on a Fish Taco Campaign
As part of our fish taco campaign, I'll also be heading to the streets of downtown Chicago today with a camera crew, handing out fish taco bracelets.

A Slice of Mexico in Chelsea
Lately we've had tacos on the brain, particularly those that involve organ meats and creepy crawlies some folks consider to be Fear Factor fare. Given our taste for the bizarre, it may be hard believe that there are times when we crave nothing more than a simple pork or beef tongue taco.

Quick Taco Links:
Site of the Week:
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Taco Video of the Week: These folks in Boise do it right with a taco truck at their wedding:

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