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One of the hottest producers of electronic music around is LA's SALVA. With an EP, LP and singles to his name, Salva is also on a remixing hot streak, and runs the Frite Nite label which is home to may other cutting-edge artists. This Friday, join Salva along with Shlohmo, Tomas Barfod, Groundislava and Suzanne Kraft at the Echoplex for some very heavy bass and good times.

What's your favorite taco?

When I visit the FoF office we eat at Haurache Azteca in Eagle Rock -- it's amazing to me. I'd love to hear what I'm missing though! I'm down to take the challenge. But of course drunken late night Taco Zone in Echo Park is the highlight of my weekends when I'm in town.

When I first started hearing about you and listening to your stuff online, you were associated with SF, next thing I knew you were in LA. What brought you south?

The Friends of Friends crew for sure, and definitely a warmer climate... and tacos of course.

Yellobone EP cover

Do you have a favorite spot to play live in LA?

I like the Echoplex a lot-- I'm doing my 4th show there this friday... Low End Theory is a blast for sure.. I did a fun afterparty with Grimes that Goddollars from the Rhonda crew threw a couple months ago that was so weird that I finally started undestanding LA ha!!

You're associated with a ton of super talented people like Shlohmo, B. Bravo, RL Grime, Groundislava, NastyNasty, etc. Do you feel like a culture and a scene is growing and progressing here in LA/SF/NYC? How tight are your various crews?

I'm really close homies with all the people you mentioned. Everybody you see me collaborate, remix, release or work with is a good friend or at least somebody I really vibe with at a show when I'm out touring. Yeah for sure, new things are happening in LA, SF and NYC...tons of talented people making things happen.

You've been asked to remix stuff from across a pretty wide spectrum of music, what's the strangest request you've gotten? How did it go (if at all)?

I haven't had too many out there requests, but I've had a few fails over the years!

How was your Coachella experience?

This was my first year, we all had a crazy fun time. I was pleasantly surprised how good the sound was compared to a lot of other outside stages. So many heads out there though I was blown away... great energy.

One thing I really liked about your track Komodo from Yellobone was that it kind of brought me back to late 90's drum n bass like Photek Risc vs Reward era, but also had a bit of that 2012 Bristol sound like Artifact or Julio Bashmore. I would guess that your sound is very much appreciated in the UK. Is that right? And have you gotten to play there much?

Yeah Shlohmo and I were out in the UK earlier this year, it did go over really well -- even more so in Eastern Europe...was really excited that so many kids were out supporting. Yeah, Photek was a huge inspiration to me coming up for sure... I was lucky enough to get to meet him and go to his studio -- he's a real don.

What's your dream ride?

Hopefully you'll see me pull up in the Lambo in a couple years.

Favorite hip-hop act of all time?


Do you have a musical guilty pleasure?

I frequently listen to soft rock hits in the car. And shitty pop rap all day every day.

Lastly, what's up next for your label Frite Nite?

We're starting to do more digital DJ-oriented singles...still a bit left field but stuff we can play out. We have a release out this week actually -- a two-track collab between myself and Grenier, then I have a handful of others we'll be following up with. Then a very amazing collab 12" from B. Bravo & Teeko later in the summer...

Salva on Soundcloud
Friends of Friends Music

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