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21221 S. Wilmington Ave. ~ Long Beach, CA (310) 830-2495


Rollin' Taco has been cooking up tacos for twenty-plus years on the corner of PCH & Mahar Ave. If you are lucky enough to meet Armando, who's father started this truck back in the day, he might have something to tell you about his community over the years. Like when the city built a bridge for the PCH to cross over the Alameda Corridor, one block down the street. Imagine the traffic back-up every time a 50+ container train crossed the tracks at PCH. Who could have resisted setting the parking break and stepping out to devour a Rollin' Taco. That was five years ago, and business was humming with the throngs of city laborers working day and night for 7 months to complete construction of the bridge which now leads you to the Terminal Island Freeway.


Armando and his father own this corner lot. The building they park the truck against used to house a bar/night club which closed around the time of the big street construction. Now Armando leases the building to his old friend who sells a wide variety of auto accessories. The building was done-up in spray paint by the man's talented cousin. Rollin' Taco is bringing a little taco heaven to Long Beach. Pictured below are III tacos- tripas, pastor, and carne asada. Tripas was the special of the day. The tripas is served with green tomatillos sauce, which typically compliments cabeza, lengua, and tripas. The pastor and carne asada go with the red chile de arbol salsa. I am a fan of chewy body parts like tripas and buche- i was not disapointed. The quality of the pastor and carne asada meat was choice. In particular, the tender pastor was expertly prepared, breaking apart in tender morsels which spiked my pallette with an accent of lime juice. The busiest times at Rollin' Taco are Saturday and Sunday evenings. After twenty years in business, people know where to find Rollin' Tacos.


Corner of PCH & Mahar

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