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Recap: Redact Whatever Is Privilege

11:03 AM PDT on April 10, 2015

Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000005900012

Redact Whatever Is Privilege was a one-night only exhibition of comedy and art at The Gibson Space, featuring the art and photography of Lluy Rodrigues, Quam Odunsi & Joshua Wynn Gibson. All photos shot on 35mm film by Reserve Result...

Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000005900028
Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000005900002
Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000005900006
Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000005900009
Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000005900014
Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000005900015
Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000005900016
Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000005900018
Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000005900034
Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000005900035
Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000005900027
Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000040760005
Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000040760010
Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000040760011
Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000040760013
Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000040760014
Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000040760019
Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000040760023
Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000040760024
Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000040760026
Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000040760001
Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000040760004
Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000005900020

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