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Preview: Class Acts ~ Opens February 27th at Subliminal Projects

3:15 PM PST on February 25, 2016

Class Acts is a group show featuring Albert Reyes, Andrea Joyce Heimer, Benjamin Murphy, Jen Ray, and Sean Morris. The show focuses on artists whose graphic works depict explicit and confrontational subject matter. The common aesthetic is that these artists depict their weird ideas from a distance of normalcy. We aren't looking at something that feels designed to shock, but neither is it familiar-- this is art made by strange people who communicate in strange ways. Even so, we recognize their subjects, not necessarily from our daily life but from when we close our eyes and explore what's buried deep inside, or when we think we see something out of the corner of our eye, turn around and it's gone.

The show opens at 8pm on February 27th at Subliminal Projects.

Albert Reyes - Ocean
Albert Reyes - book covers series 1
Albert Reyes - cup series
Albert Reyes - book covers series 2

Albert Reyes (b. Los Angeles, Calif.) received a Bachelor of Fine Art from the San Francisco Art Institute. Reyes draws, both literally and figuratively, inspiration from people, known and unknown. Reyes has exhibited in both solo presentations and group exhibitions. He lives and works in Los Angeles, Calif.


Sean Morris (b. Perth, Australia) lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. His artwork has been featured in publications on five continents. Morris has illustrated for The New York Times, Mambo, Addict Clothing, The Portland Mercury, Wooden Toy Quarterly and Little White Lies Magazine. He has held solo exhibitions in Perth, Melbourne, London and Madrid, and participated in more than 50 group exhibitions.

Andrea Heimer - Circle Jerk
Andrea Heimer - Pepsi Boy
Andrea Heimer - Matters

Andrea Joyce Heimer (b. Great Falls, Mont.) received a Master of Fine Art in visual art from New Hampshire Institute of Art. Heimer is known for her exploration of domesticity and the suburban experience, drawing inspiration from the neighborhood mythos of her childhood home in Great Falls. The artist has exhibited both domestically and internationally, participating in both solo and group exhibitions. She lives and works in Washington state.

Jen Ray - Landscape
Jen Ray - Z
Jen Ray -Year Zero
Jen Ray - Fire

Jen Ray (b. Raleigh, N.C.) received a Bachelor of Fine Art from Winthrop University and has exhibited widely throughout Germany, including shows at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Kunstverein Kassel, and KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin. The artist lives and works in North Carolina.

Benjamin Murphy - Earthly Powers
Benjamin Murphy - Untitled
Benjamin Murphy - The Sick Muse

Benjamin Murphy (b. Yorkshire, U.K.) received a Master of Fine Art from the University of Salford. After graduating, Murphy moved to London and has exhibited works in a number of solo presentations including: Deaths and Entrances (Ravenna: May 2015), Lunacy, Law, and Conscience (Moniker Art Fair: Oct. 2014), and Seven Years Of Sketchbooks – (Hoxton Gallery – April 2014). Murphy has also participated in a number of group exhibitions including 50x50 (Saatchi Gallery), and Whitfield Fine Art alongside Damien Hirst, Gilbert & George, Marc Quinn, and Cecily Brown. Murphy’s interest in contemporary art theory has led him to write for multiple publications including: This Is Tomorrow, Rooms Magazine, and Artefuse. The artist lives and works in London, U.K.

1331 W. Sunset Blvd • Los Angeles, CA 90026 • Tel: 213.213.0078 •

SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS is a multifunctional gallery space promoting diverse forms of art while providing a forum for contemporary dialogue. It was established by Shepard Fairey and Blaize Blouin in 1995 and played an integral part in introducing skateboarding culture and design to the art world. Now located in the historic neighborhood of Echo Park, SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS continues to offer a platform for artistic exploration and innovation. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday from 12 to 6 pm.

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