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KITTY started off in Florida making her own rap tunes and holding down a day job. One of her first songs became a hit and launched a career as an artist that let her tour the country and move to New York City. Eventually, she made her way to LA and started working on a full-length album, which she funded via a successful Kickstarter campaign. We got in touch to find out more...

What's your favorite taco?
I haven't been to enough taco places to consider myself an expert, but my favorite tacos in LA are from the El Flaming Taco truck in Echo Park. I've only been here for a year, so I really hope that's not an embarrassing thing to say.

What brought you to Los Angeles, and what keeps you here?
I moved to LA for a few reasons; there's way more music opportunities, I fell in love with a guy here, and New York City was cold as fuck. Those are also the things that keep me here. Also, my life goal is to befriend Farrah Abraham and I feel that LA is the most logical place to chase that dream.

Complete this sentence: We're living in the golden age of _________.
We're living in the golden age of fuckboys.

What was it like using Kickstarter to get your album funded?
Kickstarter was a lot of work, but it definitely paid off. I'm still constantly stressed that I'm going to disappoint everyone who helped fund the record but it's amazing to have the freedom to do exactly what I want with the project. Plus, you wouldn't believe how many shitty people came out of the woodwork to try and hustle me for money once everyone found out how much I was getting so it really helped me weed some creeps out of my life.

What can people expect to hear when the album comes out?
People can expect a lot of 90s sounding shit on my album, and a lot of really heavy lyrics disguised as really lighthearted lyrics. I don't wanna give too much away!

Who's your all-time favorite MC? Producer?
My all-time favorite MC is Plies. My favorite producer is Farrah Abraham.

You've addressed sexism in your music and online, what is some of the bullshit you've experienced as a woman in the music industry? How do you deal with it?
Most of the shitty things that happen as a result of being a girl in music have to do with mean comments about how I look, but there's also an unbelievable amount of creepy music dudes who try to either scam me out of money or get me to sleep with them. There's also the assumption that I've already slept with every guy I've ever worked with, which sucks in LA because rumors spread so easily here. I used to try and actually deal with it, but I've learned to just ignore people's stupid comments and make my own integrity the highest priority.

Favorite bar or club in LA?
Overpass is both my favorite bar and my favorite club. Nothing is better than Overpass.

Do you have a lucky number?
My lucky number is 1905.


If you could design your own theme park, what would it look like?
My theme park would be like a weird combination of Sanrio characters and Mass Effect. Like, the outside of every building would be covered in glitter but inside would just be like space drama.

Got any shoutouts?
I wanna shout out Farrah Abraham. Also Kesha, who changed my life. Also my dog Poppyseed, who is peeing on the floor as I type this.

More Kitty: Website / Twitter / SoundCloud

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