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Haycock (along with partners Jamie Strong and Aloe Blacc) is the man behind the world's most successful and beloved Summer Sunday party, The Do Over. Building on a string of hugely successful parties in LA, in the past few years The Do Over has gone national and international, hitting all corners of the globe with trademark beats and good times. We caught up with DJ, taco enthusiast, and Lakers fan Haycock to discuss L.A., the Do Over, and tacos.

What's your favorite taco?
I like the Cochinita Pibil taco from Yuca's on Hillhurst. It's a couple doors down from my house and I've seen it was awarded the winner of your Taco Madness tournament a couple years back.

Where did you grow up? Where do you live now? Why?
I split my early years between Dayton, Ohio until 4th grade, then Buffalo, NY until I graduated high school. I live in Los Feliz now. I enjoy the proximity to Griffith Park and Hollywood, while still having a village environment where I can walk to restaurants and bars. That is rare in Los Angeles and something to appreciate.

Do you have a favorite "off the beaten path" part of LA?
Griffith Park. I do enjoy nature, but I also enjoy the 19th hole schooners of beers at the Wilson and Harding Golf Course in the park.

The Do Over just launched its 8th season in LA. How is the new venue? What can people expect in 2012?
Actually, Lure is the remodeled name of our venue from last year, Cabana Club. Beyond a crazy renovation complete with new sound and a totally brand new outdoor area, I feel the venue is able to serve the people more smoothly than last season. As always, expect the unexpected, there will be new things to enjoy every week.

The Do Over went international this year in ways it's kind of hard to even fathom. Where have you been, and what was your experience like? What stands out in your mind as the best or most interesting int'l party?
We started our international editions last summer with stops in London, Berlin, MIlan, Oslo, Helsinki, Tokyo and Manila. This season we are continuing along that route and adding new destinations. Overall, we try to give everyone who attends a Do-Over party that same warm feeling to take away from the experience. It's difficult to pinpoint a specific "best-of" as each is largely different. Overall, I can say that London likes to get rowdy, Japan is the most educated in music, New Zealand is gorgeous, Manila has some of the nicest people, Oslo is expensive and Dubai is hungry for something new. Overall, Los Angeles is still the hometown and my personal favorite. Let's not forget to give thanks to NYC, Miami, Portland, San Francisco and all of our domestic party people.

Was there ever a certain event, or day, when you felt like The Do Over had become something more then 'just a party'?
I still remember the season opener of our second year in Los Angeles (2006). We had a packed house at Cranes and it started to rain. Nobody left from the dance floor. Everyone just kept dancing and raised their hands to the sky while getting drenched. That was amazing and still gives me goosebumps.

What are some new (for you) records you'll be playing this summer?
I suppose we discover new things every day. I've really enjoyed dropping Hudson Mohawke's "Cbat" on people as well as Kanye's "Mercy". At the same time I like digging into more cumbias than I have in past years. In the end, house music is always the most fun.

Is there a track of the summer yet?
Scared to answer that question... We have only just begun.

What makes LA great?
The weather, the diversity, the vastness. You can get lost then find yourself... every day.

When you come back from a trip, do you have a go-to spot you always hit in LA?
Ye Rustic Inn for Chicken Wings, sports and beers with my friends.

Who is an up and coming artist or DJ in LA that people need to know about?
If you haven't heard of any of the homies... you should go check them out when you can: Pools, Cosmic Kids, Poolside, Pipes, Sabo, Nadastrom, TK Disko, Kingdom and of course my little brother DJ Waldorules.

Do you have a lucky number?
3... it's the magic number.

First photo Eric Coleman / Mochilla. Second photo by Al Myers.

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