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Weekend Guide: Tacos and Politics, Taylor Yards Procession, Zombie Fest, Xelas Grand Opening Bash & More ~ GTFO LA!

It’s Friday. The Dodgers are one win away from another pennant. LeBron just made the the Lakers actually matter again. And here is your weekend guide, Los Angeles.  So ... get the f**k out of the house!

Friday, October 19

Eat Tacos and Register to Vote in South Central

[dropcap size=big]U[/dropcap]rban farm advocate group South Central Farm is hosting Tacos & Politics, an event  to get out the vote and engage the community on “the current political climate in South Central L.A.” The focus won’t just be on statewide and congressional elections but also on elections for LAUSD and bond measures. “The purpose of this event is to create unity amongst ourselves while creating a South Central collective that forms a platform on the basis of our communities’ interest which effectively nominates representatives to run for office,” South Central Farm said. They also noted on that vegan options will be provided. For more info please email

When: Friday, October 19; 6 pm to 10 pm
Where: 4212 S. Grand Ave., South Central

The Triforium is Back

[dropcap size=big]Y[/dropcap]ou know the Triforium. It’s the colorful, Star Trek looking piece near City Hall. The Triforium (which is loads of fun to say) was installed in 1975 by artist Joseph Young as polyphonoptic art (not as fun to say). The Triforium as it was intended by Young is getting revived with shows led by Claire L. Evans and Jona Bechtolt of 5 Every Day and YACHT, and hosted by Tom Carroll of Tom Explores Los Angeles. More info here.

When: Friday, October 19; 6 pm to 10 pm
Where: Fletcher Bowron Square, DTLA

Saturday, October 20

River Rises: De-Gentrifying the Taylor Yards and L.A. River

[dropcap size=big]W[/dropcap]hat should the L.A. River look like in the future? How will its planned revitalization and the rapid redevelopment happening all around it in central Los Angeles affect the feel and makeup of the surrounding communities? And why does it seem that whenever a neighborhood in L.A. gets an influx of Anglo newcomers or outsiders, services such as parks and policing suddenly get better and more responsive?

Seeking to engage such questions, Los Angeles artist and activist Sandra de la Loza and the Northeast Los Angeles Alliance (NELA) will host an interactive event that is sure to inspire new ways of thinking on the gentrifying aspects of so-called "green" revitalization — a teach-in and community conversation about the Taylor Yards and the overall future of the river.

"Ushering in a new phase of gentrification, with $2 billion in city funds and federal grants in infrastructural development, the revitalization plan promises to take gentrification to yet unseen levels through the extreme redesign of existing landscapes," said co-organizer Sandra de la Loza in a statement. "The proposed renderings, of these mega infrastructure development projects depict a new “green” and “cultural” lifestyle for the upper-middle class that literally erases existing working class communities of color from the picture."

The program begins with a meet-up at The Marsh Park in Frogtown, followed by a procession to the Taylor Yards across the river. More info here.

When: Saturday, October 20; 3 pm to 6 pm
Where: 2998 Marsh Street, Los Angeles, CA 90039

See Border Inspired Art with Jorge Gutierrez

[dropcap size=big]D[/dropcap]irector and artist Jorge R. Gutierrez who brought us Book of Life is having a fine art show he’s calling “Border Bang 2” in Chinatown. Border Bang, the first one, happened in 2006. The show will feature “original new and bootlegged art works” curated by Gutierrez. According to the event’s description on Facebook, “Border Bang 2 continues Jorge’s passionate love letter to the cultural collisions that occur out of the Tijuana and US border, rendering his versions of the bootleg artifacts sold to locals and tourists alike.” More info here.

When: Saturday, October 20; 5 pm to 9 pm
Where: Coagula Curatorial, Chinatown

Drink Craft Beer and Eat Smoked Lengua in Boyle Heights

[dropcap size=big]I[/dropcap]t’s been soft-opened for a bit, but Xelas is finally having its grand opening bash Saturday. Xelas has good beer, great food, and is run by children of immigrants. Basically it’s Los Angeles in a nutshell. It’s pronounced “Chelas,” like Chicano slang for beer, and run by the husband and wife team of Corissa Paredes-Hernandez and Gabriel Paredes, along with Dominic Saldaña and Jessica Bunge.

“The beauty in beer is that it brings people from all walks of life together," co-owner Paredes-Hernandez said in a statement. L.A. Taco got a sneak peek of the bar during the soft opening. And also got to sample the smoke lengua tacos and smoked mole wings being expertly slung by East LA BBQ Company. Definitely go. More info here.

When: Saturday, October 20; 7 pm to 2 am
Where: Xelas, Boyle Heights

Get Your Flashlight Out for a Concert at The Greek

[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]here’s going to be a “Trilingual flashlight concert” at the Greek Theatre with Berlin based band Rumpelstil. It’s described as, “Something in between a night walk and a rock concert. The event really gets going at twilight when flashlights, headlights and bike lights come on.” The concert will be in English, Spanish, and German. More info here.

When: Saturday, October 20; Doors open at 5 pm
Where: Greek Theater, Griffith Park

'Coco' in Spanish in Chinatown

[dropcap size=big]S[/dropcap]treet Food Cinema is screening “Coco” in Spanish at Los Angeles Historic State Park. The event will feature “picnic-ready food trucks, live music from emerging artists, interactive games” and the Oscar-winning film, which included our contributor Lalo Alcaraz as a consultant. More info here.

When: Saturday, October 20; 5 pm to 11 pm
Where: L.A. Historic State Park, Chinatown

Sunday, October 7

Ladies, Treat Yourself

[dropcap size=big]R[/dropcap]elax and rejuvenate at the Los Angeles Ultimate Women’s Expo. The event features 500 booths where you can “indulge yourself with the very best in shopping, fashion, food, entertainment, cosmetics, and travel.” It also features keynotes by legendary rapper MC Lyte, bestselling author Toya Wright, Real Housewives star Emily Simpson, and financial guru Lynn Richardson. More info here.

When: Sunday, October 21; 11 am to 5 pm
Where: Los Angeles Convention Center, DTLA

Fight Zombies in Long Beach

[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]he annual Long Beach Zombie Fest is happening this weekend at Rainbow Lagoon Park with activities like Wheel of Death, “which is part game show and part scary karaoke, featuring Monte Revolta & His Band of Living Dead Show Spectacular.” The festival actually starts Friday but Sunday has the added bonus of having a performance from Long Beach 80s minstrels Knyght Ryder Band. The event is for sure gory, but there are some family friendlier entertainment, too, like lightsaber battles and a stunt show. Look out for the comp tickets that are available. More info here.

Friday, October 19; 5 pm to 10 pm
Saturday, October 20; 3 pm to 10 pm
Sunday, October 21; 3 pm to 10 pm
Where: Rainbow Lagoon Park, LBC

[10/21/18 UPDATE: GTFO was updated to reflect the correct date of the 'Coco' in the park screening.]

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