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Where to Sustainably Recycle Your Pumpkins in L.A. After Halloween

Did you know that simply tossing your decomposing Jack-O-Lantern in the trash is bad for the planet? Yep, they decompose quickly and emit methane. Here are a handful of places to sustainably get rid of it and not be responsible for adding to the earth's greenhouse gasses, including an earth-friendly 'Pumpkin Bash' to smash it up.

November 1, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to All the Day of the Dead Events in Los Angeles ~ 2023

Here is how to make the most of this quickly fleeing Muertos season in Los Angelestitán. Including our own event featuring L.A.'s best taqueros at Hollywood Forever's Day of the Dead event.

October 10, 2023

Meet The Puerto Rican Dub Master Out to Roots-Rock TACO MADNESS This Saturday

The journey of L.A.-based Pachyman, born Pachy Garcia, starts in the Caribbean. Using the reggae en Español sound as a blueprint, he's created his own sound inspired by his punk and reggae upbringing.

May 4, 2023