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Headlines: Long Beach to Get More Than $7 Million in Lawsuit Against Monsanto; Snow In L.A. Mountains

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Welcome to L.A. TACO’s daily news briefs, where we bring our loyal members, readers, and supporters the latest headlines about Los Angeles politics and culture. Stay informed and look closely.

—Long Beach: The City of Long Beach received more than $7 million in a class action settlement with Monsanto Company. The lawsuit accused the agrochemicals company (owned by Bayer) of polluting waterways with its products, which include "weedkillers" such as Roundup. Long Beach first sued Monsanto in 2016 but the lawsuit was dismissed later that year. The city later joined Oakland, San Francisco, San Diego, and L.A. County in the class action suit that was recently settled. In total, Monsanto's parent company Bayer is on the hook for more than $500 million. But under the settlement, avoid having to admit any wrongdoing.  [LB Post/IG]

—South L.A.: A motorcyclist was killed near a weed dispensary in South L.A. after colliding with a driver in a Mercedes Benz, according to ANG News. The motorcyclist was traveling at such a high rate of speed they lost their shoes and helmet when they were ejected, according to witnesses. [ANG News/IG]

This week L.A. County hit the "high" COVID level (again). A mask mandate could be issued as soon as early January if COVID hospitalizations continue to increase. [LAT]

On Thursday, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to ban styrofoam and certain single-use plastics throughout the city. According to estimates, about 80 percent of styrofoam ends up in landfills. The rest gets littered around communities. [Gizmodo]

—Rain and snow are forecasted for Southern California this weekend. The infamous grapevine could see a couple of inches of snow. While our coasts and valleys might get an inch or two of rain. [NWS LA/Twitter]

—L.A.-based writer and podcast host, Alissa Walker, contemplates Mayor Eric Garcetti's legacy in her latest piece for New York Magazine on sidewalks. Alissa writes: "If you want to know what kind of mayor he’s been for our city — botching the basics locally while chasing national clout — just look down."  [New York]

—Ray J. Garcia, a former warden at a California state prison for women, was found guilty of sexually abusing detainees over a three year period. During that time period, Garcia was promoted from assistant warden to warden.  [LAT/IG]

—Echo Park: A covert group of plainclothes LAPD officers were deployed during last year's Echo Park Lake protests, according to public records obtained by independent journalist Joey Scott. Known as "shadow teams," the groups are responsible for infiltrating protests and removing people suspected of "illegal activity." [Joey Scott/Twitter]

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