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BAKA is one of our favorite designers but it's very hard to find out much about her. She has some cool stuff for sale on her shop, and her designs and logos are used by DJs and other artists all over the world but there are no about pages or online reports. We tried to get some more information about this enigmatic artist via an email interview, and you can now read it below, along with a selection of work which we have conveniently placed in between the interview questions and answers. Keep scrolling because there are more images at the end.


Favorite taco spot?
Gus's lunchbox

What was the first logo you ever drew and what was it for?
i think it was in 2012 for a Dillon Francis X kill the noise collab called meowski666.


How did you get into being a designer? Did you go to school?
I got into graphic design when I realized it's easier than working at a sushi restaurant. never went to school for it because Google exists.


When did you know you were an artist?
I don't consider myself an artist because that word makes me cringe. what also makes me cringe are people who make "art" using iPhone apps and refer to themselves as an "artist". just stop.


Do you have a favorite piece of art you've done?

Do you have a lucky number?
whatever 6x8+72(62-29) is

What music are you listening to?
Phil Collins


All time favorite Phil Collins song?
the one in tarzan because that’s the first phil collins song I’ve ever heard / the only one i’ve ever heard

What are your influences?
my cat EGGROLL because he makes me want to work hard so I can keep a roof over our heads and continue spoiling him with overpriced cat food

What is best in life?
keyboard shortcuts


"We're living in the golden age of ____________”?
no new ideas

What are the worst colors?
i hate that dull bird shit green color. one time i saw some dude driving a lexus and his lexus was that bird shit green color. i don’t think lexus makes bird shit green cars so that dude must have gotten a paint job.

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