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Your Guide to the Do Lab at Coachella 2016 ~ Weekend One Edition

1:13 PM PDT on April 13, 2016

Coachella happens in our backyard every year, and we've covered it since the beginning. As fun as the festival is, there is a little semi-autonomous region within the Polo Grounds which has always been our favorite part of the entire experience. The Do Lab!

Run by an LA-based crew of bass fanatics and party people who truly care about the music and experience, the Do Lab has gone through many iterations since it first appeared. Last year's setup truly took things to a new level in terms of the space itself, and the music was once again on point. The surprise guests of Bonobo and others meant that popping into the Do Lab was both an experience and an adventure, and we've heard from the organizers that this year's surprises are going to be pretty awesome.

Here's our guide to the acts you shouldn't miss on Weekend One...

Imagined Herbal Flows

Imagine (haha) if you will, lying back under some sort of trippy, shady enclosure and hearing the sounds above infiltrate your mind. This could be the best chill out session of the entire festival.

Big Wild

These beats sneak up on you, they lull you into a sense of calm and then hit hard, deep down inside. Big Wild is based in Venice, and you can sense a bit of the beachside vibe in his music, but it's not exactly chill-- you can dance to this and dance freaky because you're in the Do Lab and that's the whole point.


You want trap? The big stages may have RL Grime and Baauer, but no one will go harder than Brillz. Honestly, he could've just as easily been in and filled the Sahara tent, so this is going to be one of the more packed dance parties in the Do Lab all weekend. Brillz lives and works in LA and is guaranteed to utterly demolish his crowd with zero thought for personal safety. Bring your quietest friends to this show and watch them go ham.

Paper Diamond

It's kind of surprising that Paper Diamond isn't bigger. His music keeps getting better and his beats are exactly what people are looking for right now. This could end up being one that people talk about for a long time, as he'll lead you on a musical journey that starts groovy and ends at a fever pitch. If you've been to the Do Lab before and know how certain hard core people chill until it's time to really get excited, this is one of the sets that will bring people out of the shadows to get wild.

Wave Racer

This is the trippiest DJ (with the exception of Sophie) booked anywhere at Coachella in any tent or stage. If you're planning to get psychedelic, make sure to catch Wave Racer's set. It's sort of a cross between K Pop, N64, and relentless beats. If that sounds at all appealing you're in the right place...


It wouldn't be the Do Lab without someone from the Glitch Mob! PANTyRAiD is a project that includes ooah of the mob, and they'll be laying down the utterly overwhelming, fattest bass you can imagine. Like, seriously, huge fat cuts of bass served on a glitchy platter. Any time of the day they're on, you'll want to stop by and get the poison out of your system.

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