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Long Beach’s 100-Year-Old Bar Goes Through More Than 450 Pickled Eggs a Day

"This place is a church, everyone respects this place."

February 16, 2024

Weed Drinks and Zero-Proof Bar Menus: Here’s How to Stay Booze-Less This Dry January

From the best booze-free spirits to experiment with at home to L.A.’s best zero-proof bar menus, and even some cannabis-spiked treats for the Cali-sober, here’s everything you need to make it when you're off the sauce.

January 5, 2024

Head to Los Feliz to Try Colonche, Mexico’s Refreshing Fermented Cactus Fruit Beverage That Almost Went Extinct

It’s a lightly alcoholic pre-conquest beverage of Indigenous origin, made from fermenting "tuna" cactus fruit that grows on nopales. The flavor is extremely refreshing, semi-sweet, tropical-leaning, and tangy at first. But it finishes dry. 

October 25, 2023

Here’s Every Beer at South Gate’s First Latino-Owned Brewery, and Its Seafood-Based Drinking Food Menu

Brown Soul Brewing Co. has officially opened in South Gate’s Historic Tweedy Mile. The co-founders are all from the area: “We’re not just a group of owners that came here to make money. We're invested in this community. We're here doing the work—grinding. SELA continues to rise..

August 16, 2023

At Smorgasburg’s Weekly New Cocktail Bar, You Can Down Rare Mezcal and Zero-Proof Micheladas

Smorgasbar will bring the same Smorgasburg energy to a bar concept, only stripped down. Perfect for those of us who'd rather make the most out of a weekday with a happy hour-like session. Check out the full cocktail and rare mezcal selection to come.

August 7, 2023

It’s Modelo Time: The Mexican Lager Is Now the Best-Selling Beer In U.S.

Modelo had already been enjoying a pop-culture resurgence in L.A. thanks to a viral video in 2018 that coined the phrase, "It's Modelo Time." However, at the same time, there was a boycott in Mexicali against Modelo's parent company, Constellation Brands, for intending to open up a brewery in a part of northern Mexico with very little water. This new shift comes on the heels of a boycott against Bud Light.

June 14, 2023

May the Brew Be With You: Craft Beer Meets Science Fiction At Tijuana’s Newest Craft Brewery 

"Spanglish" is Farland's Aleworks double IPA beer and it's as complex as the border city itself.

June 9, 2023

The Five Best Coffee Shops in Tijuana 

Tijuana is the third most powerful coffee scene in Mexico, behind Mexico City and Guadalajara. These coffee shops capture the excitement of the emerging scene and specialize in Mexico-grown beans from micro lots and small producers.

June 7, 2023

L.A.’s 11 Best Places For Drinking Masa-Based Tejuino From a Range of Regions

A fermented, fizzy, corn masa beverage traditionally from Western Mexico and recognized for indigenous origins, tejuino packs a punch and delivers refreshing complexity with every sip. Here are L.A.'s best.

May 15, 2023

Still Got It: These Eight Breweries Have Been Open For More Than a Decade and Helped Put Greater L.A. On the Craft Beer Map

Currently, California has over 1,100 breweries and, counting, the most in the country. From Craftsman to Three Weavers, these O.G.s have brought home gold, silver, and bronze from beer festivals around the country with some of the state's most memorable and delicious beers. They’ve grown devoted local craft beer followings with steady consistency and the communities they cultivate.