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We know from our web stats that there are a bunch of L.A. TACO readers out there and we really love you all. We never expected the site to get popular when we launched it two summers back, and every day has been a lot of fun for us. Through the site (which has been without contact info) and through our MySpace and Flickr accounts, we've met so many cool people-- artists, writers, photographers, activists, athletes, printers, publishers, authors, and many more passionate individuals from every walk of life.

The best thing about doing the site is the community we've started to form, and we want to open that up to all our readers and anyone else who understands this here taco lifestyle and loves Los Angeles. We're open to anything anyone from the community wants to cover, but here are some specific things we'd like to get do right away to help broaden the daily offerings:

Activism -- cover the world of activism and social change in Los Angeles
Fashion -- street fashion pictures and stories
Green -- everything from hikes to environmental awareness
Live Music -- do you go out to lots of good shows and take pix?
News -- cover what's happening in the city or on other sites etc.
Character Profiles/Interviews--who inspires, puzzles, or frustrates you in Los Angeles

Anything else you want to share with the world and your friends about this great city, we'd love to know more.If you want to get involved....register and then email us with details about what you can contribute:

You can also use that email address to send us pictures that you've taken of your art or stuff you've found on the street!!

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Each young coconut is macheted to order and imported from Colima. The tender meat is mixed in with the ceviche and its refreshing coconut water is served in a plastic bag. They are about the size of basketball and weigh five pounds—at least. It's officially summertime in Los Angeles!

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Ten Architecture Gems to Visit in L.A.: If These Walls Could Talk

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