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The 27 Meanings of Taco ~ The Royal Academy of Spanish



1. Piece of wood, metal or another matter, short and thick, that is fitted in some hole.

2. Piece of short and this wood.

3. Cylinder of rag, paper, burlap or similar item, that it is placed between the powder and the projectile in some firearms, so that the shot leaves with force.

4. Cylinder of rag, burlap, sand or another matter, used to compress the explosive charge in a bore hole.

5. A rod used to ram firearms; a ramrod.

6. A polished hardwood stick, near a meter and half length, thicker on one end than the other, with which the balls of billiards and the tricks are impelled and made to do tricks; a cue stick.

7. Small wooden tube which children play with, used to launch “tacos” of paper or other material by means of compressed air.

8. Set of the superposed sheets of paper that form a wall calendar.

9. Set of sheets of paper fastened in a single block.

10. Maize tortilla coiled with some food inside, typical of Mexico.

11. Lance that was used in quintain and ring jousting.

12. Colloquial. Each one of the pieces of cheese, ham, etc, that is cut to a certain thickness for an appetizer or snack.

13. Colloquial. Mouthful or very light food that is taken outside mealtimes.

14. Colloquial. Plastic or wood piece of a more or less extended form that is embedded in the wall for the purpose of providing a place to introduce nails or screws to hold another object in place.

15. Colloquial. Each one of the conical or pointed pieces that some sport shoes have to firmness to the step; cleat.

16. Colloquial. Wine drink.

17. Colloquial. A pile; a set of things upon others without order.

18. Colloquial. A tangle, a mess.

19. Colloquial. An oath, swear word, expletive.

20. Printing. Pole or wood piece used to tighten the wedges of the form.

21. Nautical. Wood piece that strengthens and reunites two or more elements of the helmet.

22. Granada. A fritter or “churro”.

23. South America and Puerto Rico. The heel of a piece of the footwear.

24. Argentina. A polo mallet.

25. Colloquial. Venezuela. A very competent, expert or capable person in some matter.

26. Jargon of gypsies or thieves. Belch or burp.

27. Plural. Colloquial. Years of age. Ex: “Juan tiene viente tacos.”

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