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A Takeover by Two Taco Madness Winners, Carnitas Pa La Conciencia, Salvi Cooking Classes, Dodgers Delivery, and More ~ TacoWire 

Here is what is going on in our tortilla-fueled city and new taquerías to support this weekend.

Birria Pa La Cruda Serving Carnitas at Sara’s Market

Makers of “ungodly thick” consomé and “L.A.-style birria” won’t be curing any hangovers tomorrow at Sara’s Market. They leave that medicine for their Sunday pop-ups. Instead, they’ll have a special menu of carnitas by the pound, tacos, mulitas, and chicharrones. In their continuous effort to bring “organic and quality raised ingredients into the hood without charging an arm and a leg,” they will be using quality pork from Peads & Barnetts. They raise free-range pigs with a healthy diet that eliminates soy, corn, or other GMO feed stuffs or animal byproducts. That’s probably as close to L.A.-style carnitas as you’re going to get, for now. You can also add some green sustenance to your meal with their verdolagas made with tomato, pickled onions, avocado, and queso fresco.

Fri. July 31st, 3pm-7pm ~ Sara’s Market, 3455 City Terrace Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90063 ~ DM orders for pick-up

A Six-Way Beer And Album Collab Between Local Foos

Our resident Wolf of Longbeach, the original prettier foo from Whittier, a.k.a. Gab Chabran, recently chugged a can of the new Blu & Exile beer and smashed it on his forehead before throwing it in the recycling bin (because Gab goes hard in his recycling game). The brew is a collaboration between Beer Thug LifeHip Hop CraftChelas MundialIndie Brewing Co.Blu, and DJ Exile. He tells the newsroom, “It’s a great full-bodied Hazy DIPA that’s perfect for summer drinking that comes with a dope soundtrack. The album from the two beloved L.A. artists, Blu & Exile, is getting excellent press over the weekend and the sales have already surpassed expectations.” Here’s where it’s available.

Two Taco Madness Winners Takeover Milpa Grille For A Day In Boyle Heights 

What happens when the winner of 2020’s Taco Madness, chef Jonathan Perez of Macheen, and rising celebrity chef Esdras Ochoa, who won it in 2011 with Mexicali Taco & Co., team up in Boyle Heights? You get once in a lifetime tacos like their Balandra; an eight-hour braised skate wing with fancy mayo and crispy salsa diablo on a blue corn tortilla. They also will have a taco de costilla made of bone in short rib, salsa negro, pickle turnips, and huitlacoche tortilla. How about a taco de tentaculos de pulpo al pastor? It's the first of more kitchen takeovers to come by Milpa Grille; Los Taquero Mucho will be taking over on Sunday from eleven to six. They are opening up their space in support of street vendors and providing back up with cashiering, food prep, and temperature checks at the door. 

Sat. August 1st, 11am-8pm, ~ Milpa Grille, 2633 East Cesar E Chavez Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Salvi Cooking Classes Online

Want to learn how to make paletas de cebada or a salvi horchata ice cream? How about curtido y salsa roja? SalviSoul offers these online classes hosted by renowned chef, food writer, and recipe developer Karla Vasquez. They begin August 21st and run through September. 

August 21st - September 27th. ~ Register here

Goat Mafia’s New Tostada de Lomo

The orthodox birria de chivo maker who is a firm believer that birria should be made with goat, The Goat Mafia, is back on his cooking alter to preach the good word of his taco to the tortilla indulging masses of Los Angeles. This time, he’s adding a new scripture for your palms and it comes in the form of a tostada de lomo. It’s served on a tostada shell they bring from Tamazula, Jalisco. The tostada is smothered in beans before cotija is added and followed by thinly cut slices of pork loin that’s been braised and reverse seared. It’s topped with cabbage, pickled onions and jalapeños, tomatoes, and their special Salsa Dulce that Compton chef, Juan Garcia, believes no one else in L.A. serves.

DM your orders here by Thursday for a Saturday pick up. 

Dodger Dogs, Micheladas, and More Delivered To Your Home

If the fan cut-outs, dubbed crowd noise, and the poorly digitized fans failing miserably at their attempt to make a wave isn’t enough to bring the feel of the game back to your living room, well now you can order from a vast menu of stadium food to help complete your at-home viewing experience with the family. Doyer dogs, micheladas, carne asada helmet nachos, and more can now be delivered to fans all over Los Angeles through a new program called Home Plates (pun intended?). No word yet on if they’ll stop offering alcohol past the seventh-inning stretch.

View and order from the full menu here

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