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Taco Tees from B.CA ~ Los Angeles

Yes, let's. These killer tees are made by the good folks at B.CA., like our hard-hustling homie Ron. They are lovely, doing all the hard work of getting that interesting-looking fox and/or stud to go have a bite with us.


B. CA's designs are inspired by everyday thangs in their lives, past and present, as well as taco-skewed quotes on our culture, like the pages of Resevoir Dogs and The Doors, in classic or iconic fonts. Go to for more information and to order. The designs are also available at Rhino Records in Claremont and Mad-Platter in Riverside.

As Ron finished off our recent chat about the tees, "And seriously. Who hasn't had their carne asada tacos...seriously?" We see a kindred spirit obsessed with the implementation of a universal taco diet.

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