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Taco News Round Up ~ February 5th 2007

12:37 PM PST on February 5, 2007

Taco Wagon Hit

Most Expensive Tacos in the World?
An anonymous tipster emails to say that The Brentwood Restaurant on Barrington Avenue near Sunset in Brentwood is serving up $39 filet mignon tacos. If true, is this the world's pricest taco combo plate? If you know any others or can confirm this report, get in touch. The taco lifestyle embraces all comers and all wallets, but I would wager that $39 spent at El Parian would be money better spent.

Korean Tacos Rock the House
That's the verdict of LA Food blogger Eat Drink n Be Merry, who made them this weekend and provides helpful photos of the mashup concoction. There's definitely room in the taco world for fusion tacos, not sure if these are the ones that will break through or not, but I predict within a year a fusion taco will make its mark in the City of LA.

Drunk Slams into Taco Truck
It's surprising we don't hear more about this-- in Houston, Texas, an alleged drunk driver ran over utility boxes and through a gas station before hitting a taco wagon parked nearby. No serious injuries were reported, but we're still waiting to hear back about the loss of tacos and ingredients.

A Story We Won't Report
A certain nasty taco chain is trying to get publicity by offering a certain backup dancer a job. That's all we'll say, as we don't cover celebrities (unless they know their tacos) and if we're going to give publicity to a taco purveyor, it's going to be a good one. Link goes to Garth Trinidad talking about Tacos Por Favor, which is about the opposite of the story we're not reporting.

Yelp Loves Tacos
The site which is like city-search but with a younger crowd, has been on a taco tear lately with tons of taco reviews. The latest one is for Machos, which we reviewed awhile ago and I went on record as not being a fan of. In any case, the Yelp site is not chock full of taco experts, but it does reveal how broad and deep the taco lifestyle is.

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