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In the first week of the new year, the Agenda trade show in Long Beach takes place, bringing you the latest apparel & accessories in street wear. LATACO event photographer Erwin Recinos was able to make it to the Winter Session to see what the latest & newest brands have in-store for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons. Enjoy.

Dangerous Perfume is the newest brand to make it the Agenda floor. This coming Spring they will be dropping some fragrances for the "streetwear"/"action sport" enthusiast in your life. We highly recommend the Black Grenade as it scents smell of lavender, jasmine and sandalwood. If your looking for a new aroma for that special someone in your life, here is it. Follow them on IG @dangerousperfume.

Acembly is all about your creativity & puts the power of design in your own hands. Customizable backpacks maybe the trend for 2018. Giving you options to create a backpack that is all your own. Pick your bag. Pick your pouch. Pick your straps and your all set. Be on the look out for an Acembly collab with L.A. creatives Slushcult this coming Summer.

Rebel8 came out strong with a statement about the wholesale industry. Is direct to customer the new wave? Since moving to Los Angeles, Rebel8 has made its presence felt in this city. Hosting art shows events in and around downtown. Our suggestion is to sign-up for their newsletter, keep up with the brand on IG @rebel8. You will not be disappointed.

Champion is on the cusp of their 100th anniversary. In the last five years, Champion has partnered with some of the hottest streetwear brands. The most recent collab was with Supreme with a collection that sold out faster then it was announced. Champion teamed up with Luda Khanlari to create a vintage collection of reworked vintage Champion sweaters.

Image Club Limited caught our attention very quickly. Using iconic photography from L.A. natives Ed Colver and Gary Leonard as the basis for their identity, this is a brand to keep your eye on with more releases and collabs in works. Give them a follow on IG @imageclublimited.

Lavender embodies the hopeless youthful romantic in all of us. The balance of fashion and contemporary emotional mess. This is a great starting point for this brand with designers that are seasoned veterans of the streetwear brand industry. They plan on making a mark with fresh take on romance and design.

LiftOff Supply is attracted to the future and it shows in the design and aesthetic. 3-D holograms are used to bring the audience in for a closer look . One of my favorite pieces from their clothing was the black t-shirt with the Your World print in the back. A mixture of Los Angeles 80s and Japanese Manga. Follow their progress on IG via @liftoffsupply.

Mondaysuck is local brand based out of San Diego with a heavy influence from streetwear and West Coast vibes. Mondaysuck strives to deliver original and simplistic pieces that will work seamlessly with your regular ensemble. Keep up with this brand via their website, and IG @mondaysuck.

WVSBRGDE is centered around Surf Skate Street Punk. With all production here in the city of Los Angeles, this lifestyle brand is taking a stand and mixing of subcultures that are center around the el eh experience. Follow them on IG @wvsbrgde.

Rastaclat has grown over the years to become the street wear accessory to have. With a solid foot hold in skate culture, Rastaclat is making moves with brands such as the NBA, Sanrio and Nike to just name a few. Follow them on IG @rastaclat.

Could there be a possible collab with street wear icon Jeff Staple and shoe brand Saucony?

All photos courtesty of Erwin Recinos. Learn more about Agenda by visiting their website,

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