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Cypress Park

Ozomatli ~ My Favorite Taco

11:56 AM PDT on May 25, 2010

Ozomatli is one of our favorite bands, especially because they represent LA in everything they do and are probably the perfect musical representation of the Taco Lifestyle. The band is celebrating their new album, Fire Away, and new single (Gay Vatos in Love, video embedded above) and granted us some insight into their favorite LA taco spots. Special thanks to Justin for going above and beyond the call of duty!

Taco Boy - Bell
La Taqueiza - South Gate
Grand Central Market - LA

Taco Zone Truck on Alvarado, 2 blocks North of Sunset on street next to Vons market... Must try "suadero"

La Estrella in Highland Park. Corner of Figueroa and 61st.

My Taco on York Blvd in Highland Park (Lamb Tacos!!!)
Mariela's Taco on Sunset Blvd. (The Best Chile Roja in the city. Also, the tastiest Carne Asada Burros anywhere. Sorry Justin there is a such a thing as a good Burrito)

Frank and Johnny's Seafood on Riverside near Stadium Way in Frogtown- Best seafood tacos, trust me you can't eat just one. Try the shrimp tacos, because they will make you have a mouth orgasm. Also pick up some sushi grade tuna while you're there, and have a chat with owner Frank. I believe he's Armenian, the chefs from Zacatecas and the fish is from mother earth. Only in LA.

La Paiza on Figueroa and Ave. 54 in Highland Park. Best streetfair Mexico City Style. The woman working in there are a tad bit rude and will give you some 'tude, but they sure can make some fuc!*@ tacos. I will deal with the attitude to get a bomb taco.

Marias Pupuseria- Figueroa and Cypress. Best, most consistent Pupusas in town. I've only had their bean and cheese pupusas , so I can't vouch for anything else. I have eaten at some pupuserias that have amazing pupusas one day, then you go back a week later and the cheese taste old, or the masa is kind of stale. Marias, always consistent.

Mexican Delicatessen in Eagle Rock, next to Trader Joes on Colorado. Best Oaxacan style tacos and quesadillas. If you like mole, this is your joint. Lots of hipsters in there, but also lots of mole.

Taco truck in a parking lot of a liquor store on Cypress and Arvia. Best tacos from a taco truck. Located in Cypress Park. These are the best tacos in LA, bar none, but nobody would know because Cypress Park is off the hipsters radar. Sorry all you "jeans too tight", koji truck sucks balls. Just because your friend says its good and you can ride your fixie there late at nite, doesn't mean it's "amazing."

I hate to say it because its such a tourist trap, but the best taquito's are at the first stall on Olvera Street. LA staple, my pops used to take me there when I was a kid and those things are greasy and damn good. I'm just happy they don't cater to health conscious LA. There is no chicken, tofu or damn eggplant taquitos. You order a taquito and you get beef in that son of a bitch. End of story.

There are no good burrito places in LA, because burritos aren't good. Flour tortillas are nasty, and who wants one the size of your head, let alone the size of a taco. Try ordering one of those in Mexico, not in a border town and they might look at you funny and bring you a mule to ride around the plaza on. Actually there is one burrito spot that is mighty, mighty tasty, now that I think of it. Can't remember the name, but its on Glendale in Atwater, right next to the exotic bird shop. The burrito's de papa with spinach are devine. Also its not like Tepeyackkkk, where they give you a flour tortilla the size of a moose head, and somehow there tortillas seem a little thinner and they grill em at just the right temp. so they don't get all doughy or too crunchy.

Best tacos de papa are at Morenitas on Cypress in Cypress Parque. Pick up some masa too while you are at it, because I've heard its some of the best in town.

Best tacos or Mexican food in general are at my mother in laws house, just like the best gumbo is made by my maw maw, and the best red beans and rice were made by my grandmother. This post is dedicated to real Mexican food.

Oh yeah, most addictive chile award goes to King Taco. The tacos aren't good unless you are piss drunk or super hungry, but the salsa is slammin'. They should sale them shi@'s, at two for five out in the alley, like pharmaceuticals.

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