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It was a few hours before I filled my numb mouth to the brim with some gasoline-flavored promotional vodka in an attempt to repulse the gorgeous spokes-gals schlepping said rotgut at a chi-chi party, but I still think I might have fucked up with Dennis Franz as a direct result of overindulging. It was definitely well before a certain toe-headed TACO O.G. saucedly started shite with his camp over seating, because Dennis Franz was the absolute nicest celebrity I've ever met. He doesn't even act like a celebrity, but I know he is. I've never watched NYPD Blue, but the man was gracious, patient, and cool when discussing tacos with me in Los Angeles.

It wasn't until hours later, when I was beyond shitcanned that I ran into Dennis FARINA, and became paranoid that I'd been calling Mr. Franz: "Mr. Farina," all night. Oh well, you know the deal, this tall, unassuming actor is great at playing determined, tough, good guys and is basically a stud in real life as well, even when playing mediator to real-life hostilities.

Mr. Franz, my apologies if I called you "Mr. Farina" all night, and apologies that our spiritual advisor jumped and landed splat on two seated members of your crew, that probably wasn't very cool. It was pretty funny. Ummmm...yeah....'so like, what's your favorite taco, Mr. Far-, uh... Franz?'

"My favorite tacos in Los Angeles...that's hard. Because living now in Santa Barbara, you know, Super-Rica Taqueria, there's nothing like it...But we used to go to that place across from Paramount Studios. What is it? We used to love going there for margaritas. What is it called? Sorry, I'm a bad source. Maybe my wife can tell you. Well, anyway, yes it's that spot across from Paramount. Is it El Coyote? I'm telling you, there's probably better people to ask."

No, no, sir, there are not. There are no wrong answers here at TACO. We think the embracing Mr. Franz must mean Lucy's El Adobe, which is a dynamite spot to get loaded at, despite non-essential eats. Thanks Dennis, the lengua tacos are on us next time.

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