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My Favorite Taco ~ Curtiss King

What's your favorite taco?
My favorite taco is Papa's Tacos in Pomona. Some of theeeee best potato tacos you will ever have, and not to mention they stay open even after the clubs close.

Some time ago you ran a viral campaign (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter) to perform at Paid Dues 2012. What did that do for you career wise to perform at such a high profile event?

After I did my 97 day campaign to get on Paid Dues it really put alot of things in my career in perspective. I put alot into showing people the dues that I felt I paid on my website Some people got it and some people thought I was crazy to go so hard for something that wasn't promised to me. But all I can say in retrospect is that it was really all worth it. The feeling of being on that stage after all that work made all my setbacks in my career feel justified. It like jumping in the air with the confidence that you could fly. I shared that stage with some of my heroes. Murs is now the homey, how tight is that? LOL. Rocking that stage is a huge responsibility rocking afterwards because you have to keep the momentum going.

In your new video, "Ratchets Still Jockin" your wearing a Sinbad t-shirt. You kinda look like him. Which celebrity's life would you like to live and why?

Honestly I don't want any celebrity's life or anybody's life. You know how somedays you feel like you're having a really fucked up day because a bunch of things go wrong, and then someone comes along with their problems and it makes you feel like a punk for complaining? I can't imagine what some of these celebrities go through being under a microscope at all times. Let me just be my own light skinned Sinbad Jason Kidd look-a-like self and rap my damn songs.

Who's the one artist in LA you'd like to produce a track with?

I know its probably cliche at this point, but Kendrick Lamar would be an artist I would love to produce a track for. I had the opportunity to produce a song for him on Ab-Soul's first project when he was K.Dot, however I would love to get the artist he's transformed into on a record. He is a remarkable songwriter and lyricist. Other than KL, I would love to produce for cats like Thurzday, Schoolboy Q, Nipsey, and Dom Kennedy.

Which do you prefer, to be in front of the mic or behinds the scenes in the lab?

I actually think I NEED to have BOTH sides in my life to balance one another out. There's nothing better for a producer who makes beats for people to vibe to than to actually see hands on what works with crowds. And as an artist it works the same way. When I rock songs and see a crowd react mildly or wildly to a certain sound, arrangement, or effect it really helps me determine my strengths in the studio and what I should do more of. Plus I'm old school in my ways. I LOVE to get my hands dirty and break a sweat in the studio just to make it appear flawless at a live event. It's a beautiful process.

You are known for being the "DIY" King. What's the most difficult thing about doing everything yourself?

The most difficult thing about being a DIY artist is really time management. It's really easy to spread yourself too thinly when you wear so many creative hats. Time management can make or break your plans especially when you're a perfectionist. I like for anything that has my name on it to be high quality, forward thinking, creative, and right in every detail. Sometimes it's a double edged sword when other people ask me for my services because I give them the same quality I would give myself in their beat that I produce, or music video I edit, or album cover I design. However at the end of the day I love it, it keeps me busy and relevant to my industry.

Who are the members of Black Cloud Music and describe each one in two words.

Jynxx: Quiet Assasin
FaimKills: Suprise Attack
Noa James: Intelligent Domination
Art Barz: Unlimited Bars

"Freebie" from Jet Pack On E is one of my go to tracks. Give our readers some insight behind the song and how it was developed.

Freebie is one my personal favorites because I meant every word I said and people from all walks of life understood it and could relate. I made that song at the peak of my pistivity meter with fellow rappers asking for free shit from me. It was around the same time when I created the beta version of my website and artist STILL asked for the low low, the freebie, etc. Tae Beast had already sent me a few beats for the Jet Pack On E project and when I heard the horns on that I knew it was the one for me to release my freebie frustrations on.

Hows does the hip hop scene differ from your native Carson to the Inland Empire?

Both Hip Hop scenes are ill as hell. Both scenes have ridiculously talented artists with strong Hip Hop roots and are unafraid to cypher up whenever wherever. However I think that the biggest differences between the two scenes is really just the venue opportunities to perform live. When I was living in Carson we always had to go to neighboring cities like Long Beach or further out like Hollywood to rock shows. The IE has alot more venues willing host Hip Hop events and it makes a huge difference in my music getting heard by new people.

Whats the last album you either purchase or downloaded?

The last abum I purchased was Ab-Soul's "Control System". Not just because I produced song #11 "A Rebellion" ft. Alori Joh, but because it's GREAT music. Human music.

Finally, what projects do you have in the works that our readers should look out for?

Your readers should be looking out for my debut album "Atychiphobia - The Fear Of Failure" coming in the next few months. Right now I released 2 singles off of it "Ratchets Still Jockin" and "Fvck Cancer". "RSJ" has a music video out and a remix getting ready to come out soon. The "Fvck Cancer" video is dropping on July 16th. Any and all releases can be found on

Keep up with Curtiss King on Tumblr and Twitter. Photos of Curtiss King's performance at Paid Dues 2012 provided by Glamorous Living Kids.

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