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Interview with Artist CAB K2S LOD


LA TACO's own Erwin Recinos had the opportunity to interview graffiti artist CAB K2S LOD, an OG from Los Angeles who has painted all over Los Angeles and literally all over the world. CAB talks to us about life, upcoming projects, LA graffiti and of course his favorite taco spot. Keep reading after the interview for a gallery of some recent CAB productions.

Where is your favorite spot in LA to get tacos? What do you get?
I don't have a favorite place to eat tacos. I do go to the taco truck on Soto & 7th in Boyle Heights. I have their signature tacos and burritos of carne asada and al pastor.

Outside of graffiti are their any artists or art movements that you have admired or possibly influenced you?
Outside of graffiti or movements, I think traveling the world has completely changed my life, and influenced my thoughts and behavior and has made me a more productive person. For the most part, different country's culture has been a mind opening experience. Being able to see the world is a humbling experience and influential in my artwork.

Describe the last piece you did to our LA TACO readers.
The last piece I worked on was spontaneous, like most of my work. I don't usually plan or think about what I'm gonna do. I sketch as I go unless I'm putting up a character, then I'll bring a sketch to the wall. So last weekend wasn't an exception. In South Central I painted a CAB piece, a colored throwie and my cab buggie. All with allot of color. I was happy with the outcome.


Pick two colors to paint with for a quick throwie.
I would have to say silver and flat black. Just because silver covers really well, and it's traditional.

If you could pick a graffiti artist to paint with on a production who would it be and why?
I would have to say "LEE" from New York. He was a big influence as well as most of the writers from subway art. I think LEE is an incredible artist that I still look up to and respect. It would be an honor to paint on any production with LEE.

You've done some work for L.A. clothing line, Smog City. Do you enjoy that type of work and will we be seeing more of that type of work from you in the near future?
Yes I have worked with Smog City Clothing for a few years now working on designs, advertising and propaganda. They have blessed me with commission work and painting jobs and I will continue to work with Smog City and any other brand worldwide.

What would a perfect day in the life of CAB ONE consist of?
I truly enjoy life and all it has to offer, but a perfect day for CAB would be spending quality time with my family. It's the most sacred thing I have in life. When I'm home and not away, I try to enjoy every minute with them. I'm a true believer that today is gone never to return, and tomorrow is not guaranteed.


Not asking to pick any favorites but in your opinion who's work are you enjoying currently in the LA graff scene?
I appreciate everybody's art in general. These last couple of years Defer K2S and Sleepy have been doing some amazing work. Still inspiring us and the younger generations who are coming up. SLICK, RETNA, CHAZ , VYAL and SKILL are also people who I admire and respect for all their great contributions to this culture and holding it down. Also props and respect to all the youngsters that are out in the streets and highways fucking it up. You know who you are without saying any names.

What is the one thing that you believe has kept graffiti progressing thru years?
Graffiti has been around since the beginning of time, and it will always be part of humanity, theres no stopping it. I think in L.A, it has slowed down from previous years, but throughout the world it's spreading like a wild flower. What's kept it going here in L.A is all the people like us giving back to the scene and the community, embracing and teaching the new generation of young writers the true fundamentals of graffiti art. The thought of creating a piece of art is very powerful. Us humans have a god giving talent, we just gotta exercise it and practice it to perfect it. Graffiti art will never be suppressed or looked down upon, it will rise and overcome all obstacles and persevere.

Any projects in the works that our LA TACO readers should be looking out for?
I'm currently working on canvases & panel pieces for upcoming art shows, and I will be releasing a new print very soon.

Do you have any advice for a young aspiring artist out there who is reading this?
For all you young artist out there, that just started writing graffiti or thinking about writing graffiti, reach out to someone you admire and look up to for guidance and knowledge. I did and so should you. I was a “toy” when I started myself but quickly learned many things. Some people told me them and others I learned along the way and I held my own, and followed the rules of the game.

Respecting everybody's work and staying true to yourself, because your dignity and respect, are more valuable than your pride. Be humble, and try to do your best at whatever you do. If art is your passion, then do it, don't half step and good things will follow. In my case graffiti has taken me around the world, meeting allot of great people from all walks of life, tasted great food and liquor but most of all it's been fun and exciting.

Thanks to L.A Taco

Peace and respect! CAB K2S LOD.

Photos provided by CAB K2S and @smog_city on Instagram.

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