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Holiday Sale: L.A. TACO Memberships Are Now 30% Off Until End of 2023

The reason why L.A. TACO is able to report on issues that other corporate-owned publications and newspapers don't dare to touch is because we are independently owned and supported by our members. And for about the same price of a nice plate of tacos a month, you can make sure that our inclusive street-level journalism revolution is here to stay. If you've enjoyed any of our stories this year, please consider joining our movement.

Dear reader, thanks for clicking through to this post and taking the time to read our editorial trompo. By doing just that, you are already supporting us, and you'll get bonus points if you share this post on your personal social accounts!

But the most direct and real way—and real talk, the only way to make sure we stay alive as L.A.'s only independent publication focused on tacos and accountability journalism—is to become a paying member.

We understand that times are tough for some of us, but you can support our revolutionary journalism for about the same price you'd spend going out for a plate of tacos or, hell, even a burrito. This year alone, we've published over a dozen emerging writers without bylines before our platform. That is more than a dozen new voices telling their own stories about our beautiful city and county of Los Angeles. We've kept a consistent light on L.A.'s police forces and were the first publication to cover the first Palestinian protest in Los Angeles. Not to mention doing all this while still being the first on the scene to tell you where the latest best regional taco is in Los Angeles.

Now, we need your help to keep going this holiday season. We are now offering a 30% discount for new memberships. Old members are always welcomed back.

Remember that our memberships get you FREE entry to all of our taco events, including BIRRIAMANIA and TACO MADNESS, as well as free food and drinks (and sometimes even tokes) at exclusive members-only events all year long. You also get free tacos all over the city—just for being a member.

Join now.

Thank you for supporting us—in any capacity you can.

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