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L.A. Gym Owner and Fitness Influencer Draws Heat Over Racist Comments Against Agua Fresca Street Vendor

12:29 PM PDT on June 13, 2022

    via Alex Enamorado/Instagram

    An L.A. gym owner and jacked influencer is being called out by a local legend of street vending defense for making allegedly racist acts towards a Mexican food business. And that looks like it was just the start of his troubles.

    Akop Torosian, aka Jack Torosian, the owner of No Limit Supergym in North Hollywood, has been accused online of aggressively screaming at a woman who was providing refreshments for an event at his gym and making at least one-pointedly super-lame and abusive comments towards her and her entire race.

    According to a post on Alex Enamorado's TikTok account that features a telltale DM he received from Lety's Aguas Frescas, the beverage business was hired by employees of the gym to serve at an event alongside some other vendors on Saturday.

    Torosian is said to have approached Lety's or another business once they'd set up and, in a sweaty rage with his Supreme boxers peeking out, started screaming about how they had to leave immediately. Before the vendors packed up and called it a day, video captured a raging Torosian in full Karen mode, barking: "Tell them to get the fuck out of here. This is embarrassing. This is not some Mexican hangout!"

    After being alerted to the terrible treatment of a hard-working human being, Enamorado and others online went on the warpath, sharing the video with followers and even taunting the gym owner in front of his business.

    "We're here," says Enamorado, wearing the Mexican flag around his shoulders like Superman's cape, "having 'a Mexican hangout' in front of the Supergym, where the owner, Akop Torosian, he has been abusing his employees and yesterday said some racist stuff towards a Mexican food vendor, we have to hold him accountable... where's he at? He's not so tough now."

    The apparently fearless Enamorado confronted a jacked customer of the gym later that day and questioned him about his support of the abusive owner.

    Next, Torosian appears to have gone on the defense. The owner put out a 3-part statement on Instagram to try and make good with the millions of Mexicans he had just personally disparaged, writing:

    Many of you have seen a video posted yesterday of an event held at my gym. First of all, I would like to apologize to everyone involved, and to the Latino community, with whom I have had a very close personal and business relationship with for decades. The video has been taken out of context, and does not represent who I am, my values, or my views. No Limit is an all-inclusive facility, and does not discriminate based on gender, sex or race. Again, I would like to apologize to everyone involved! I will immediately make contact with the leaders of the Latino community, and set up meeting with relevant members to see how I can be more involved against the fight for racial equality and justice. As a small step forward, I will be making a donation of $10,000 to Centro Legal De La Raza. I will also organize an event at No Limit for our Latino community for business development and outreach. Again, my sincerest apologies.

    Our meathead is a little rusty these days. But we're pretty sure he meant to say he will see how he can be more involved in, not against, the fight for racial equality and justice. In any case, the whole thing seems to roughly translate into "these are the Hail Marys I will throw to see if I can I save my business after majorly fucking up" with "the Latino community."

    Protestors were out in front of No Limit with a bullhorn, encouraging gym-goers to boycott the "racist" business and its "domestic violence abuser" owner. Meanwhile, No Limit's Yelp page caught the full fury of L.A.'s digital wrath, with comments that shone a light on Torosian's statement and alleged crimes and trespasses of the past.

    Yelp reviewers call him racist and some labeled him an abuser of women. A few reviews circulate alleged statements he supposedly made that were not captured on video. This was not the first, or final, controversy to embroil Torosian, who also has a No Limit location in Miami.

    In late 2015, when Torosian was still named as the owner of Glendale's Papillon International Bakery, where Russian ponchik and Georgian khachapuri are served aside churros and empanadas, he had charges dropped for two counts of attempted murder and assault with a semiautomatic firearm in a triple shooting case, receiving three years of probation for one count of possession of a deadly weapon with the intent to commit assault.

    Today, Torosian's attempts to repair the damage to his reputation may be on hold for now, as he confronts bigger problems. As allegedly shown in a video posted by Enamorado, the gym owner was arrested at gunpoint in a Day-Glo hat on Sunday morning, for allegedly threatening an employee or several employees with a gun sometime during the events that followed his racist diatribe.

    Damn, the dude must really hate aguas frescas.

    Editor's note: Enamorado's Instagram account was hacked while writing this story, but the videos documenting it all are still up on his Tiktok account. 

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