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F. Lee Bailey: OJ is Innocent

One of America's most famous lawyers even before the OJ Simpson trial, F. Lee Bailey today has released a document which he says helps explain the many reasons why OJ was rightly acquitted in 1995. According to Bailey, there is clear evidence that OJ was not the killer of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and waiter Ron Goldman. He supposes that the killers were enforcers for a drug gang who targeted the wrong house. Among his points:

    • OJ does not fit the psychological profile of a killer and had never used violence to solve his problems in the past.
    • A witness, who was never called to the stand, saw a woman the night of the murders matching Nicole Brown Simpson's description in an apparent confrontation with two men, neither of whom was O.J. Simpson. Upon hearing of the murders the next day, the witness recalled what he saw on a tape recording and wrote a detailed description and sketch of his observations.
    • Jealousy, which was ascribed to OJ as his motive, does not seem to be a part of OJ's life. He was aware that Marcus Allen had slept with his wife, but did not react negatively, even hosting Allen's wedding at his home.
    • The blood found on OJ's sock was almost surely planted, since the droplet goes completely through the sock at both ankles; ergo, there was no foot in the sock when the blood drop was applied.
    • OJ's demeanor, witnessed by multiple people including associates and strangers, was relaxed and not consistent with someone who had just committed the first serious crime of their life.

OJ Simpson is serving a 10 to 33 year sentence for kidnapping and robbery in Nevada. F. Lee Bailey was disbarred in two states after mishandling $6m of client stock options in 2001.

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