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GTFO, Our Curated Event Calendar, Is Back! December 2019

[dropcap size=big]I[/dropcap]t’s December! Ditch the long lines at the stores, skip the online shopping, and nervously checking your bank account. While the cold might make you want to hide under a soft San Marcos blanket and sip on chocolate, you can’t hibernate all month long. Shake off those December blues and go to some of these cool events. 

Comic Arts LA (CALA) - Annual Festival Dec 7th and 8th - Free

Los Angeles is home to some of the best everything: tacos, artists, musicians, etc. It only makes sense that we’re also home to some incredible local comic book creators. The 6th annual CALA festival is a celebration of the independent comic art community in Los Angeles. There will be more than 120 exhibitors. Award-winning illustrator, author Raúl The Third will be hosting a workshop on how to create graphic novels. Support your independent comic artists, check out some cool pieces, and head over to CALA, it’s free. Get deets here.

POC Indie Media and Journalist Mixer - Dec. 13th - Free

Are you a POC reporter or creative looking for community and like-minded folks? Head over to the Boyle Heights conservatory for this dope mixer. It’s going to be hosted by super rad KQBH DJ’s. There will be helpful conversations such as navigating reporting in one’s community and how to access editors. If you’re a young journalist, do it! RSVP here.

Discostan - Dec 14th - $10
Ever go out and think "wow what if we decolonized... the dance floor?" Discostan aims to do just that. The SWANA Diasporic Discotheque was established in 2011. Each event they infuse sounds from "the past, present and near future, from Beirut to Bangkok via Bombay." Discostan is self described as we "a sonic tapestry that threads together "golden-era Bollywood numbers and Lebanese cinema scores, to psychedelic funk from Turkey, Iran, Burma and Thailand, the searing frequencies of Syrian dabke, Iraqi choubi, Afghan qataghani and Egyptian electrochaabi, to contemporary Arab experiments in music" and more. Honestly it sounds fire and one peep at Distcostan's IG confirms the lit-ness. It's going to be at the Civic Center studio, get more details here.
Dreamers Youth @ Vector - Dec 15th - Free
Everyone deserves the chance to pursue something creative. However, it can be a bit challenging to get info on how to hone in on those skills, especially if you're from a community with less resources. Dreamers Youth aims to provide a safe space for young folks to learn anything about photo, video, graphic design, DJ'ing, engineering and music production , apparel production, and painting. It's free, so if you've been itching to try out DJ'ing or up your sound cloud game, why not? It's going to be held at Vector90, a coworking space, cultural hub, and incubator located in South LA. There will also be free food provided. Get more deets on Dreamer's Youth's IG here.

ThriftCon LA - Dec 15th - $5

What’s cute and not killing the Earth? Thrifting. Duh. Instead of diving into bins and bins looking for that perfect retro piece, you could go to Thrift Con and skip all that. There will be more than 100 vendors selling vintage men’s and women’s clothing. Browsers can also cop goodies ranging from vintage collectibles to home goods. Happy sustainable styling. Get more details here. 

Los Dos Taqueros Del SouthBay - Dec 17th - $75

Join L.A. Taco's favorite Macheen and El Barrio Tacos for the tortilla-based feast of your L.A. life. It’s going to be an epic six-course meal served with four cocktails and it will be sponsored by none other than Ilegal Mezcal. Chefs Ulises Pineda-Alfaro and Jonathan Perez will be creating the dishes. Even if you can’t make it, you could still try Macheen’s pork belly tacos at Smorgasborg or head over to El Barrio Tacos to check out their Sonora-style tacos. Get more details here. 

Chido / Chevere / Cool featuring Viento Callejero, QVLN, and Introverted Funk - Dec. 19th - $10

It’s always a good time to vibe to fresh Latinx beats. KCRW DJ José Galván is presenting Viento Callejero, a fresh take urban tropical music, QVLN which serves psychedelic Jimi Hendrix-meets-Brazil sounds, and Introverted Funk who has this really chill sound that is both retro and bedroom pop. It might be kinda cold that night. But if you’re worried about that, I would go to Ramen of York next door before the show. Get more details here.

Mega Mujeres Market - Dec 21st - Free

Grabbing a last-minute gift? Ditch the gift cards this year and grab gifts from local artists and vendors for presents that are unique and ooze sentimental value. More than 90 vendors will be selling everything from tinctures to jewelry to clothing. There will also be performances by L.A.’s beloved poet, Yesika Salgado, and fabulous podcast show, Locatora Radio. Mega Mujeres Market is curated by Nalgona Positivity Pride, a Xicana Indigenous body positive and eating disorder awareness organization. The venue will be lively as there will be DJ sets and food. Support small businesses and shop local this holiday season. Get more details here.

Chulita Vinyl Club @ La Cita - Dec 22nd - $5

Chulita Vinyl Club is having their last dance party of the year the Sunday before Xmas. Grab your friends (or a date) for a cute night out and do something for you before the wildness of the holidays. La Cita is a chill venue, there's a dance floor, but my favorite part of this older space is actually the patio that's lit with Christmas lights year round. You can step out if you get too hot from all that dancing you're going to be doing, gaze at the skyscrapers above, and it's quiet enough to have a whole conversation. Idk if Friends-mas is a thing, (it should be) but go and support WOC DJs. DJ Karinas will be spinning records. @BienTrankis made this dope poster.
Get Oaxacan Tamales from L.A. Taco Contributor Areli Morales - Ongoing
I know this isn't exactly an event per say, but the holidays are here and eating a bunch of good homemade tamales later this month is an event. It IS the season for tamales... But what if you suck at making them, or don't wanna make them? Cali-Cheu is a home kitchen serving Oaxacan food, fun desserts, and they're taking tamales orders ran by the parents of our own Areli Morales. I'm particularly excited for mole tamales wrapped in banana leaves, like the delicious green presents that they are. They make their own mole from scratch and even the chocolate is made fresh. I had the pleasure of trying some of their chocolate in a home made cold brew, it was delicious. Anyways, support your local tamaleros.

Chinese Lantern Festival - Every Thursday - Sunday up until Jan 5th - $15

Want a special and chill date night with bae? Head over to the Chinese Lantern Festival at the Fairplex at the end of every week up until Jan. 5th. There will be huge lanterns and breathtaking displays including a 100-yard-long Ceramic Chinese Dragon. There will be food, drink, and Chinese folk musical concerts & traditional dance shows. Children under four are free so it’s a nice outing for folks with kids. Get more details here. 

Open Mic @ Da Poetry Lounge (The Largest Weekly Open Mic in the Country) - Every Tuesday - $10

Looking for a spot to share your words and listen to other people’s stories? Da Poetry Lounge is the space for you. It’s a super safe and community-oriented space. They meet every Tuesday for an open mic night. The third Tuesday of every month is a poetry slam night. I’ve gone a couple of times, the vibes are good. It’s not pretentious at all and newcomers are always welcome. Head out with bae or a pal and listen to some personal narratives from fellow Angelenos. Get more details here.

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