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12:27 PM PDT on September 30, 2014


    DEANSKII is L.A. born and raised, and uses his film photography and 'zines to give the world an insight into his life in the city. We got a chance to discuss photography and tacos with a man who loves his family, his crew, and documenting the art, triumphs, and tragedies of underground Los Angeles...

    What's your favorite taco?
    I have to save my dad makes the best beef and potato tacos. I add some sweet chili sauce to it and it's fire. But place-wise, I like the carnitas tacos at Diana's in Carson, plus they're open 24/7 can't go wrong with that.

    We're living in the golden age of ___________________.
    Instagram models, 5 year olds owning and operating iPhones, people labeling themselves as photographers just because they use the VSCO app on their cellphone, snitches, costco and sams club stopping the development of film and a corrupted system where you can have 3 DUIs and still get away with the murder of our friend Chance. REST IN PEACE BATLE.

    Where do you want to go?
    I wouldn't mind going back to Tokyo but the place I would really want to go to is New York. Just the city life seems very upbeat compared to being here.

    What got you into photography?
    My mom and dad actually got me into photography. Growing up my dad used to be the one taking photos of the family and my mom was heavy into scrap booking. I always thought scrap booking was mad corny but now im older it's like having a very creative zine. I always hated pictures taken of me so i became the one taking the photos as i got older. "Typical cornball photographer saying"

    What equipment do you use?
    I mainly shoot my photos with 35mm point and shoot cameras. My main two cameras i use are the Olympus xa2 and my canon sure shot. Nothing professional at all.


    What's your lucky number?
    Don't really have a lucky number but if I were to have one it would have to be the number 663

    Who is in your crew and what is a typical night like when you all get together?
    A typical night of all of us together would be a total shit show. When you have too many scumbags under one roof you never know what may happen. For those who are in my crew i am always with, they know who they are. My buddy Pdog wanted me to shout him out in this interview so hey bud.


    Who are the artists you look up to?
    I don't look up to any artist. I look up to myself. We all know that when the day u finally meet your favorite artist and they don't seem be that person you perceived them to be, that could be a bummer and you think to yourself how dumb you look.

    Worst part about LA?
    The traffic between 5 to 6:30 pm, the traffic when kids get out of school, being on Fairfax, fake "party friends", my car getting broken into for just my work box cutter, tweakers, everyone being a photographer, dudes trying to sell their mixtapes, people asking for change in front of 7/11 when im trying to buy a pack of ports, lame toys, and my job.

    So did you grow up in LA? Which part? What's your favorite neighborhood?
    I grew up in the South Bay Area of Torrance. I love being here because it's not too far from anywhere plus there are lots of spots to eat good food. I like it because I think it keeps me sane. Being in downtown can get hectic sometimes.


    Are you still doing graffiti?
    Graffiti will always be apart of me, whether it's my friends', or going out to catch spots after partying. I would have said yes it's an important part of my life and art a year ago, but I felt this year I wanted to work more on taking photos. Action shots and graffiti photos get boring after a while, it's good to switch it up from time to time.

    What makes a good zine and what are your favorites?
    Shout out to Nick Garcia from Nightedlife for helping me out so much with anything that has to do with zines. I think what makes a good ZINE is a story that goes along with the photos being put into it. My last two were just photo zines but my next one I want to have stories along with it. My favorite zines are the all the ones put out by nighted and all my other homies making zines. It's too hard to choose favorites. Every one is different.

    When and where are you most happy?
    I'm usually happy when im with my family and my girl. Nothing can beat that, it is what I live for.


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