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‘Lavense Las Manos, Plebes:’ Here Comes ‘El Corrido Del Coronavirus’ to Cleanse Your Paisa Soul

[dropcap size=big]A[/dropcap] silver lining during this unprecedented time in history and social isolation will undoubtedly be the waves of new music to come out of it all. Some, like the corrido duet, Alan y Roberto, are wasting no time whatsoever, releasing what is sure to be the anthem of the times for paisas, foos, and tlacuaches alike. 

Behold, El Corrido del Coronavirus.

The masterpiece of a song comes at us fast from the Arizona-based duo, Alan y Roberto Lara Meza, an up and coming brother duet by way of El Poblado 7, Los Mochis, Sinaloa. 

“Things are really tense right now and people are panicking, I told my brother Roberto that we need to create a song that would unify our community and offer some motivation,” Alan tells L.A. Taco over a phone interview. The brothers say they wrote the song in two hours. 

The bajosexto-dominated ballad is noticeably more positive than your standard corrido, a genre of Mexican folk music that usually is usually reserved to tell stories of drug trafficking or love lost. “Our song’s intention is a positive one because we wanted to offer some hope during these complicated times,” Alan continues. 

The Sinaloan brothers identify their genre of music as a “dueto Sierreño Campirano de Rancho...con un toque moderno.” They grew up listening to Chalino Sanchez, Los Tucanes de Tijuana, and Los Tigres del Norte. In their own words, “Somos de la vieja escuela. (We are of the old school.)” 

Alan y Roberto share that whatever money they collect through the royalties from streaming and the selling of this new song will go towards “buying basic necessities for those in need.”  

While they have canceled all immediate tour dates due to the quarantine, they inform L.A. Taco that they plan on getting back on tour as soon as is it is OK to do so.

“We hope this song keeps people motivated because we understand that things are very serious right now, but we will get through it.”


Todo el mundo asustado por ese coronavirus el papel ya se acabado no hay arroz y frijol pinto el agua también empiezan a escasear no se agüiten todo pronto pasará

Las tiendas y restaurantes las escuelas y los bares todos cerraron sus puertas vale más estar alertas todos en casita en familia están pues la vida es corta y juntos hay que estar

Hay que darle tiempo al tiempo no hay que ponernos violentos al mal tiempo buena cara eso siempre sale vara oremos con fe eso nunca va a
fallar la pandemia el señor pronto de tendrá

Hay que lavarnos las manos para si no contagiarnos también el desinfectante  para que el virus tú lo espantes tapa bocas usarlo en público ánimo que no panda el cunico 

Hay que unirnos como hermanos hay que echarnos bien la mano no olvidar a los abuelos lo más bello que tenemos ya sus pasos son lentos al caminar más conciencia para ellos al comprar

Han pasado cosas peores y salimos triunfadores somos guerreros de acero la adversidad venceremos el viento estos versos te los llevará Alan y Roberto presentes están


Everyone is scared

Because of Corona Virus

The toilet paper has finished

There is no rice or pinto beans

The water is starting to be scarce

But don’t worry, this too shall pass. 

The markets and restaurants

The schools and the bars

Everyone has closed their doors

It’s better to stay alert

Everyone is home with their families

Life is short so let’s be close to those we love

Let’s give time some time

Let’s not get violent

In bad times we must show good face

That doesn’t cost much to do

Let’s pray with faith because that will never fail us

The Pandemic our Good Lord will stop.

Chin up, my people! 

Soon we will come out of this

Let’s wash our hands 

So we don’t get infected

Let’s use hand sanitizer too 

So that you scare away the virus

Cover your mouth if you’re out in public

Let’s keep our chin up

And not get into a panic

Let’s unite as brothers

Let’s give each other a hand

Let’s not forget our grandparents

The most beautiful thing we have

Let’s be more conscious of their solemn pace

When we go out to buy

Worse things have happened 

And we’ve come out triumphant

We are all iron warriors

We will overcome this epidemic

We hope you will take these verses with you

Alan y Roberto will be present

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