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Highland Park Rocker Foo Martin Fright Breaks Down His Hilariously Accurate, Extremely Viral ‘Punk Hynas’ Parody Video

Martin Fright's viral song "Punk Hynas" is quite possibly the most accurate parody song ever made about L.A.'s famed DIY and backyard punk rock scene.

1:25 PM PDT on July 17, 2023

    Los Angeles' DIY punk rock scene is among the world's most respected. And for comic actor Martin Fright, it has also provided some of the most clownable characters and archetypes to fuel his local scene-driven comedy.

    Fright has dedicated his last five years to creating original skits based on L.A.'s famed backyard punk rock scene. His last viral skit, titled "Backyard Shows Be Like," was inspired specifically by the archetypes you find yourself with in the Latino-led backyard punk rock scene.

    "Punk Hynas" currently has 100k streams on Instagram after less than a full day from its publication between Fright's personal account and FoosGoneWild's account. Part of the reason the song is blowing up this way is due to how damn accurate the song is, from the NOZ balloons to shouting "Oi!," and every other line Fright spits in his rap about certain fans on the scene.

    The track it is recorded over was created by @dlowbeats, a UK-based producer whom Fright has never met, but collaborates with.

    L.A. TACO caught up with Fright today to talk about the specific and gnarly incident that inspired this song:

    L.A. TACO: Tell us your experience of what inspired this song, man.

    Martin Fright: In 2007, I went to one of my first backyard punk gigs on Elm Street in Cypress Park. A band called "It's The Vermin" was playing; they are NELA punk rock legends. While the band was playing, there was a punk chick wearing a Lower-Class Brats shirt, a bondage belt, a leopard skirt, and Doc Martins, with some crazy makeup. She had a balloon in one hand and an MD (editor's note: Mad Dog 20/20! A super strong and sweet wine cooler) in the other. She was screaming Oi! and and "anarchy" and "chaos." It was hilarious, but what was more hilarious was that she puked, and after she puked, she made out with some random foo. It was fucken' gross, but you know punk foos will make out with anyone. The other day I was listening to Cardi B with my girlfriend and I said, "What if there was a female punk rapper." Right away, thought of this scenario and made a song about it.

    How many years have you been doing skits?

    I'm 30 years old, and I've been doing skits for a little over ten years but finally got the balls about five years ago to put them out online. I have a lot of work I have not put out; much of it is being rewritten.

    What inspired you as a rocker foo to start doing skits?

    I started doing skits because in the years I spent going to shows, I have seen so many funny things unfold in front of me, and I thought, "What if I can make some of these moments into skits for the rocker homies." I know they'll be able to relate and also to give representation to all punk and metal homies and I also use music from underground bands so they can get some exposure. So it's a win-win on both our ends.

    Where is your family from?

    My family is from Brownsville, Texas, and Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

    What scene did you grow up in during what years in what part of L.A?

    I grew up on the punk and metal scene in the mid-2000s in the Northeast L.A. area. Going to backyard shows in Highland Park, Cypress Park, Glassell Park, and Lincoln Heights to support bands such as The Runts, It's the Vermin, Embattled, and my favorite, underground thrash-metal band Lethal Dosage.

    Why do you think this song blew up so much?

    This song blew up because all the punk and metal girls can relate and so can the punk and metal foos. We all know a crazy Punk Hyna.

    What's your next banger going to be?

    My next song will be: "Metal Queens 666 Bitches!"

    Thank you for speaking with us. See you in the pit.

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