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When LA catches on to a trend, it really catches on. Remember fro-yo, juicing, avocado toast, kale? The list goes on. Poke is so hot in LA right now that you may have even spotted it at your local Costco or Whole Foods. The thing about poke is that it’s easy to fall in love with because it’s so versatile. Most, if not all, of the new poke places have strayed from the traditional Hawaiian preparation of simple marinated fish (usually ahi tuna) on rice.

This new trend has become a new Chipotle-sushi hybrid, offering an array of toppings, bases, fish, and even vegan and vegetarian options. So, It’s only natural that LA - the sushi loving city where the California Roll was born, has taken a liking to this traditional dish while updating it and turning it into a trend. Have you had a chance to try poke yet? If you haven’t, don’t bust open your Yelp app just yet, here’s the Ultimate Poke list giving you the rundown of the many places serving up these bowls all over the city. Try one, try them all. You’ll be happy you stumbled upon this trending bowl whether it ends up being a fad or not. Did we miss a place? Let us know in the comments.

West Hollywood


Poke Bar
8539 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

There are many healthy options in West Hollywood, but at Poke Bar you’ll be able to satisfy your fish craving without breaking the bank. One of the few places where you’re able to sample the poke before you try it, you won’t be disappointed with your final decision. At Poke Bar you have a choice between already mixed ahi tuna, salmon and a really great marinated tofu, most of which already come with ingredients like masago, onion, kale, and sesame seeds. You can even do half and half portions. Every option is great and you get to pile the poke on either white or brown rice, mixed greens (for $1 extra), or tortilla chips for your scooping pleasure. Two sides are free, such as their seaweed salad, edamame, or cucumber salad. The toppings are extra which can end up being pricey, but for the amount you get, it’s so worth it.  Did we mention they also have FREE parking in West Hollywood?!


6801 Hollywood Blvd Ste 316
Los Angeles, CA 90028

If you’re ever hungry and stuck showing out of towners the tourist trap that is Hollywood and Highland, look no further than Pokinometry. One of the more affordable bowls where you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck, you’ll be satiated in no time. You can choose a small for $7, medium for $8.75, or large for $10.75, all come with free unlimited toppings, too. The variety and the price you’ll find here is almost overwhelming. For starters, you get free avocado, imitation crab, cucumbers, and onions. After that, you choose your fish from albacore, ahi tuna, spicy tuna, yellowtail, salmon, shrimp, octopus, and scallops. Then you get to choose your sauce from different levels of spiciness with either a mayo or miso base. All of this comes on top of either your choice of white rice, brown rice, salad, chips, or even as a wrap.


Wiki Poki
3438 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010

It’s only natural that Koreatown has a poke spot. If you happen to stop by during the lunch rush you’ll see a long line, but don’t be put off. The assembly line poke system here is in full swing and the line moves very fast. Choose three scoops from a variety of fish, two free sides, and your level of spiciness for their sauce. Then have this all mixed in with free toppings and add-ins, except for the extra avocado, of course. For the money and time you save, Wiki Poki is definitely worth a visit next time you’re in Ktown.

Silver Lake


Ohana Poke Co.
2852 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

What used to be neighborhood favorite Black Hogg, is now a hybrid of sandwich lunch spot Sopressata and new poke creation Ohana Poke Co. They only offer one type of real fish here - big eye tuna, but you adventurous seafood lovers can get the best octopus that any poke location has to offer, and even a gluten-free and vegan tofu option. Ohana has five pre-mixed options for their tuna that are all worth trying. You can also choose to get a half and half portion so you can try two from their proteins on your first visit. All bowls come with a topping of edamame, wasabi peas (crunchy!), scallions, and furikake. Do not miss out on these toppings. For your base you can choose from white or brown rice and the best greens option we’ve tried yet: olive oil kale.  The best part is that you can enjoy this bowl in one of the better interiors we’ve seen. It’s a nice, spacious beautifully designed restaurant. Oh and there’s beer and wine to wash it all down, or you can choose from their refreshing aguas frescas, too.

Downtown LA

Ohana Poke Co.
130 E 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Same as the Silver Lake location, except you won’t find beer and wine here.


Sea Salt Fish Grill
812 W 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90017

With outposts in both the Westside and Eastside, this seafood eatery offers some of the freshest fish around. You’ll only be able to choose between sriracha spicy ahi tuna poke or regular ahi tuna poke, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving Sea Salt a try. Their portions are huge and if you’re ready to take a break from all the build-your-own-bowls around town, this is just the place. Choose from a salad, that includes cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, carrots, sesame seeds, edamame, and a hefty amount of mixed greens. The downtown location is a nightmare to park at, but don’t fret! They deliver. You can also choose to add a ½ pound seaweed salad portion on the side for an extra $3.99 if you’re in the mood to build your own at home.


Snociety Urban Eatery
330 E 2nd St
Ste C
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Situated in Little Tokyo, you’ll be able to mix up your sushi and ramen lunches by checking out Snociety Urban Eatery. It’s a cute little spot with very welcoming and cheery employees that’ll be able to guide you through their ordering system, daily specials, and icy drinks. What makes Snociety special in a sea of poke locations, is their squid option and specials like lobster, uni, and kimchi baby octopus. For other protein options, you’ll pick (two scoops for the small, three for the large) between salmon, ahi tuna, shrimp, scallops, and tofu. The sauce you choose brings it all together on a base of either soba noodles, mixed greens, or rice (brown or white). The portions are just right and the fish is cubed a little on the bigger side if that’s something you look out for.



Poke N Roll
413 S Central Ave
Glendale, CA 91204

The only poke place with cooked fish options, from salmon skin, unagi, shrimp tempura, and more from their rotating specials. Poke N Roll offers two scoops of whatever protein you desire, along with three toppings.  The toppings are hard to choose from because there are so many, like the strange but oddly tempting cream cheese or sour cream choices, but you’re able to get imitation crab for free, along with your standard ginger, wasabi, and sesame seeds also for free. Another interesting part about Poke N Roll is that aside from your rice or salad base, you’ll be able to see your creation turned into a sushi roll if you wish.


Spinfish Poke
36 W Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91105

Great pre-mixed poke bowls, along with a build-your-own-bowl option. Their creative signature bowls are what you should order when you stop by Spinfish. Try the Coco-loco which includes chili lime, avocado, coconut flakes, cilantro, onions, and lemon zest or the So Fraiche with wasabi creme, cilantro, onion, and Japanese bread crumbs. If you choose to make your own creation, you can mix and match between salmon, ahi tuna, spicy tuna, scallops, and shrimp. It seems like the most popular poke option in Pasadena judging from the daily lines, and there’s a reason you should find out.


PokeMix by Flour+Tea
99 S Lake Ave
Pasadena, CA 91101

Poke Mix is a bit hidden, but a great lunch option for whenever you’re in Pasadena. It’s located inside Flour+Tea, a boba tea shop that offers all your favorite asian milk and green teas sweetened to your liking. The poke part is simple, but also has a pretty good amount of variety. You have your salmon, ahi tuna, spicy tuna, yellowtail, scallops, and shrimp to choose from. Stop by for lunch when you can get a deal when you order a small bowl with one of their tasty teas for just over $11.

Poke Salad Bar
12 W Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91105

Probably the most generous poke eatery in Pasadena, Poke Salad Bar is your go-to place if you’re looking for a filling meal on Colorado for under $10. Choose from ahi tuna, spicy tuna, scallops, salmon, shrimp, albacore, yellowtail, and octopus. Their toppings are free and they include a big portion of imitation crab and seaweed salad. It’s a great place when you don’t want a surprise bill after adding numerous toppings, since the only add-ins that’ll cost you extra are avocado and extra scoops.


401 W Main St
Alhambra, CA 91801

Opened just two months ago, this shaved ice and poke shop is a great addition to Alhambra. Offering a mix of big eye tuna, salmon, albacore, and striped bass, you can choose to opt out of the protein you don’t want. Whether you order a regular for $9.50 or $11.50 for a large, either way you’ll be getting a deal. All bowls come with an amazing topping selection of salad, radish, cucumber, onion, seaweed salad, crab meat, avocado, masago, fried onion, and furikake. That’s a pretty good topping variety, if you ask me...and there’s still more. After you get all the previously listed toppings you can also choose to add these for FREE: cilantro, pickled ginger, kale, korean pickles, rice cakes, edamame, green onion, sesame seeds, red chili flakes, and kukui nuts. Woah.

Monterey Park

2201 S Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754

You can get 5 scoops of fish for just $10.99 at Pokiholic. The variety is pretty good, too, where you can choose from ahi tuna, salmon, yellowtail, albacore, scallops, shrimp, and tofu. The sauce option is just from non-spicy to spicy, but their included toppings make up for it. For free, you can add imitation crab, seaweed salad, avocado, onions, sesame seeds, masago, cilantro, cucumber, and jalapeño, wasabi, and ginger. To finish it off, you can choose to layer this onto either sushi rice, brown rice, salad, or chips. In the end, Pokiholic is a pretty good option when you want a break from the Chinese food nearby.


Big Daddy Shack
79 Windward Ave
Venice, CA 90291

This hole-in-the-wall spot is very popular with the locals and for good reason. Fish options that include salmon and ahi tuna, with a variety of toppings that vary from mangoes, mushrooms, to kimchi if you like that strong flavor. They only offer white or brown rice as a base, but it you ask, they’ll be able to substitute seaweed salad. If you want a fresh fruit smoothie with your poke, you’ll be able to do that here, too. There isn’t much seating here, so expect to take your poke to go. Otherwise, it’s the perfect meal for beach-goers who want something light and easy to chow down while enjoying Venice Beach.

1827 Ocean Front Walk
Venice, CA 90291

Poke-Poke is right on the boardwalk so be prepared to wait. The lines are always long, but worth it if you’re in the mood for their extensive topping options and tasty marinades. For the spicy lovers, they make two different spicy fish options- the popular spicy tuna and also a wasabi poke with black sesame seeds. You can also invite your veggie friends to try their special veggie poke made exclusively with vegetables.

Opened by a former Hawaii resident, Poke-Poke offers made-to-order poke, which means that their fresh fish is marinated once you order it, not before. It’s great since you can tell them to go lighter on the sauce if that’s more to your liking. The only base they offer is rice, but you can completely skip the rice and only get fish for just $2 more.

Santa Monica

Sweeten Poke Shop
829 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Another packed house. Sweetfin is one of the more creative and innovative new LA poke places. You’re able to choose between various marinated tuna, salmon, tofu, veggies, and even snapper. The variety of protein options is also supplemented by delicious toppings, such as blistered shishito peppers, pickled shiitake mushrooms, and charred habanero, to name a few. For the base options, you’ll be able to choose between their unique bamboo rice, a kelp noodle-cucumber slaw, and citrus kale. No plain rice here.

Beverly Grove

Mainland Poke Shop
8318 1/2 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Another new poke place, this fast-casual poke shop sits next to all the trendy shops on 3rd St., where you’ll be able to stop by for a quick bite after you’re famished from all the shopping nearby. They offer two sizes, where you’ll get two scoops of fish for a small, or three for a large. The portions aren’t the biggest around, but you’ll definitely be getting some quality fish. They even offer octopus if you’re looking for a change.

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