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Dark Wave Atmospheric Acid Cumbia Arrives: ‘El Keamo’ Comes Straight From L.A.’s San Fernando Valley

Just when you thought you'd heard all cumbia subgenres, here comes El Keamo and his atmospheric instrumental "Cumbia Dark Wave Gaze." It's a uniquely utilitarian variation that is both perfect for micro dosing LSD and zen-ing out, but not spooky enough to scare off your family from dancing to it at a backyard family party.

January 26, 2024

Listen to the Next Essential Cumbia Christmas Rola From Chicano Batman’s É. Arenas

"I hate Christmas music, so I decided to make my own," Arenas tells L.A. TACO. "The song is rooted in Bronco, dipped in Twin Peaks, and finding yourself lost and found on Christmas morning in a 3 A.M. warehouse dance party."

December 8, 2023