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My day started early when I woke up at 7am to the bright desert sun. I grabbed a couple of cameras and jumped into my car. First stop was for gas near Roosevelt Row. Filled up my gas tank for the day's adventures and proceeded to check out last night's debauchery from those late night painters. As I parked the car it was definitely a different place. No cars parked in the alley. No hissing or rattling of cans. It's a clear blue sky with an alley of color.

PaintPHX_DayTwo_LATACO (6 of 20)
PaintPHX_DayTwo_LATACO (3 of 20)
Dr. Doom by SNAFU.
PaintPHX_DayTwo_LATACO (4 of 20)

I made my way down to see two early birds like myself in their element with warm cups of coffee and no disturbances while painting away. KWEEN897 & FLIP from Texas have the open side of the school bus. Gray bricks with a black outline hold the background. Their letters stretched from top to bottom in a thick style with sharp edges colored with a teal, white and yellow gradient. Solid piece by these artists.

PaintPHX_DayTwo_LATACO (13 of 20)
Charles Barkley in the middle of this MTA NHD piece.
PaintPHX_DayTwo_LATACO (14 of 20)
2MUCH in Phoenix.
PaintPHX_DayTwo_LATACO (12 of 20)
CHAMP adding this Sun Devil to the side of a house.

In the evening we made it to Ringside Pub & Grill for the late night paint session. Met some cats from Riverside and exchanged stickers with folks there. We eventually got to venture to the outskirts of Phoenix where we saw some familiar names passing by on our way back to our hotel. It was another successful day in the valley of the sun.

PaintPHX_DayTwo_LATACO (18 of 20)
PaintPHX_DayTwo_LATACO (16 of 20)
PaintPHX_DayTwo_LATACO (19 of 20)

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